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"With a ground-breaking formula, professional marketing without gimmicks, and a loyal fan base amongst the next generation of biological researchers, Lumonol has made it to the number one slot on our review list."

Lumonol Wisdom Rating: #1 Editors’ Choice
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Last Updated: April 15, 2021
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Lumonol Wisdom

Lumonol Wisdom Review: Results! Results! Results! A sure challenger for 2016’s top spot and best product award!

Our First Impressions

It’s difficult to believe and go by the whole “age ain’t nothing but a number” concept when as we age, our bodies tell us differently. All your life you’ve told yourself that you won’t ever be one of those grandpas or grandmas who just sit at home doing nothing all day, waiting for the weekend to come so you can play Bingo with other members from the senior club. Absolutely not! You want to keep up with all the trends and rise in technology while staying active and energized. While your joint pain and questionable memory make it seem like this is impossible to achieve, the manufacturers of the novel supplement, Lumonol Wisdom, believe otherwise.

Lumonol Wisdom is a supplement that through extensive research and a whole lot of heart has been designed for minds over 60 to regain the confidence, energy and optimal mental function. After coming across so many mediocre, ineffective brain-boosting supplements for the older generation, it’s completely understandable why you may be disheartened to try another one. But Lumonol Wisdom deserves a chance as it has been engineered by the trusted and highly respected company, Avanse Nutraceuticals – the creator of our Editors’ Choice Award Winner product Lumonol. We look forward to seeing the results that Wisdom can deliver and how this breakthrough cognitive boosting supplement can help the older generation get more confident with a stronger mental edge.

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Avanse Nutraceuticals, the creator of Lumonol Wisdom has been praised over the years for their consistent dedication towards creating products with only the highest quality ingredients. This same effort is also shown through their reliable and helpful customer service. If you try any of Avanse Nutraceutical’s products and don’t like the results you experience, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. We have loved every single supplement that the company has put up for sale for two main reasons – they achieve their promise of delivering results and they come with little to no side effects. For this reason, we don’t doubt that Wisdom will make an equally as great impression.


As always, Avanse Nutraceuticals is transparent about their formulations and chooses to reveal every single ingredient used in their blends. This is something that every supplement company should follow as customers deserve to know exactly what they’re consuming. Wisdom is composed of three separate blends, each of which consists of 2-4 potent ingredients that together synergize to deliver specific effects.

The first mix – “Clarity Blend” – is 550 mg combination of pure nootropics that may reduce brain fog, support higher clarity, and can boost mental alertness. These 3 ingredients – Bacopa Leaf Extract, Acetyl L-Carnitine and CDP Choline – have all been tested in laboratory settings to prove their capacity of boosting overall mental performance.

Specifically, Bacopa Leaf Extract is a power-herb that has been used for thousands of years to improve nerve cell function and reduce anxiety. Recent research has shown this compound’s potential to restore brain chemistry balance and enhance memory, learning and concentration skills. Bacopa Leaf Extract works by improving brain cell-to-cell communication and increasing the release of a certain brain chemical – acetylcholine – that plays a role in maintaining the efficiency of memory and thinking processes. Next on the list is Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR), a great dietary supplement that can gradually alleviate symptoms of fatigue and support higher mental clarity. Users of ALCAR claim that taking the product helps them feel more alert and motivated to get things done. The last compound in the “Clarity Blend” is CDP Choline. Before getting into what the benefits of this ingredient are, we’d like to applaud Avanse Nutraceuticals for once again choosing quality over anything else. There are many different types of choline available in the market but Avanse has specifically picked out CDP Choline, despite its steep price, because of its high bioavailability and superior quality. Moving on to the effects of CDP Choline – choline is a nutrient that our body needs to maintain stable and competent brain function. While we do get choline by eating certain foods, it’s been shown that only 10% of all Americans obtain the daily recommended choline serving. By taking a supplement that contains CDP Choline on a daily basis, you will experience brain-boosting effects and receive antioxidant protection for your nerve cells. This is particularly important for the older generation as brain cells begin to deteriorate overtime. Antioxidant support will ward off the toxins that damage and kill your existing brain cells.

The second mix – “Vitality Blend” is a 200 mg combo of two energy-boosting ingredients, Panax Ginseng and Oat Straw. Panax Ginseng, the king of all Orient herbs reduces fatigue, promotes higher energy levels and provides antioxidant protection. If you’re reaching your 50’s or 60’s and are curious to try supplements then Panax Ginseng should definitely fall on your list. Next is Oat Straw, a powerful ingredient that is rich in calcium and thus promotes bone strength and stimulates cell repair. If painful joints and muscle cramps are preventing you from doing all the things you want to do in life, Oat Straw is the stellar ingredient that you must give a chance.

The last and most important mix – “Memory Blend” is 310 mg combination of four golden ingredients – Ginkgo Biloba, Huperzine A, L-Theanine and of course, Noopept. After having been users of nootropics for nearly a decade, we know a good formula when we see one. Wisdom’s memory blend is easily one of if not the best nootropic stack we’ve ever come across. Ginkgo Biloba, the most popular nootropic herb in the market, is an excellent pick for older folks as it works by increasing blood flow throughout the body. Not only will this make you feel more alert and less tired, but it will also support memory recall. There’s also Huperzine-A, a supplement that improves memory formation in the short-term and protects against memory deterioration in the long-term. Huperzine-A helps the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that becomes less and less available as we age. By boosting acetylcholine production, Huperzine-A may be capable of preventing age-related memory impairment. L-Theanine, on the other hand, is helpful in that it reduces anxiety without making you feel drowsy or tired. L-Theanine will calm your mind and provide you with the confidence to learn new things and become a better version of yourself. And finally we’ve come to our favorite ingredient on the list – Noopept. Noopept is the most powerful, most effective memory-boosting compound to date. It does two things – 1. It stimulates Nerve Growth Factor production, which helps to maintain both short and long-term memory recall; 2. It increases acetylcholine, which allows you to form and retain new memories.

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After taking a look at Wisdom’s stately formula, we couldn’t wait to let some of our older members here at the office as well as a few family members give the supplement a go. Trials went on for around a month and half and by then we became so eager to share the results with you guys. We asked for reports on progress at the end of each week and suggested certain users to engage in different activities to further test the validity of the results. Here’s how things went…

After the first week, members from the office and our very own parents stated that they felt more alert and energized. One user said, “I wake up in the morning and take 1 capsule after eating breakfast. I honestly was not expecting anything grand with this product but I have to admit that I just feel better and less tired throughout the day.” Another parent reported, “It didn’t necessarily give me an energy boost but I definitely felt less groggy and by lunchtime of each day my mind always felt clearer.”

During the second and third week, we asked the users to play memory games, brain-training apps (i.e. Lumosity) and to engage in some form of physical exercise. By the end of day 45, here’s some of the comments we received, “My days used to be dull and lifeless but after using Wisdom I feel more motivated to start my morning by taking a walk and gardening,” “I love how focused Wisdom makes me – I can play board games or read the newspaper for hours without getting distracted,” “Wisdom helps me remember the little things like when to pick up the kids from school and what time I have to take my medication. It’s great because I no longer have to rely so much on my daughter.”


Wisdom is not a product that will hurt your wallet. One bottle costs $59.97 and will last over a month. You are recommended to take 2 capsules per day, one with breakfast and another with lunch. Also, since the formula contains Noopept, the manufacturers suggest that you cycle your use meaning you should take 2-day breaks each week.


If you’re older or know someone older who may need/want a supplement that can boost memory, increase focus, increase energy and reduce brain fog then we can’t think of a better choice than Lumonol Wisdom. This product has a well-designed formula that works by week 1 of use and doesn’t lead to adverse side effects. We were happiest to learn that Wisdom users felt so much more confident after taking the product. As we age it becomes more difficult and frustrating to keep up with the crowd and learn new things, so when you get the chance to increase memory and focus with a product like this, you shouldn’t take the opportunity for granted. The bottle only costs $59.97 for a little over a month, which if you ask us, is totally worth the results. Give Wisdom a go and order yourself a bottle today!

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Lumonol Wisdom Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 97%
Editors' Choice Award Winner
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