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Last Updated: April 15, 2021
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MindCare Protect

MindCare Protect Review: Potent Omega-3 Complex For Minds Above 45

Our First Impressions

MindCare Protect is a product designed for adults above 45 years old who want to maintain sharp mental performance in order to keep that fearless and confident attitude everyday. It seems like just a minute ago you were still putting the kids to bed and putting their sandwiches into lunch boxes before they go off to school. But now you’re the one asking them for favors – it’s not your fault this whole Facebook thing is so confusing. That lack of independence can be disheartening and make you fear the process of aging. Its products like MindCare Protect that can prevent you from developing bad memory and poor learning skills. Can you really stay young with MindCare Protect? And how does this product compare with our Editors’ favorite supplement for seniors, Lumonol Wisdom?


MindCare Protect is manufactured by Igennus HealthCare Nutrition, a supplement company who creates products that are suitable for both clinical and everyday use. Their company also has a team of nutritionists, who would gladly help you with any health or supplement related issue, if you happen to have any questions. Particularly if you are using other types of prescription medications, it would be best to contact their team to make the best, most beneficial decisions for you.



MindCare Protect’s formula is a perfect balance between vitamins and nootropics. From the list, you can see that each serving contains 20 mcg of Vitamin B12 and 7.98 mg of Vitamin B6. These two vitamins are great if you wish to support brain function because they increase mental energy production and maintain nerve cell integrity. But doesn’t every supplement have a secret ingredient worth boasting about? MindCare Protect loves their Omega-3 fatty acids complex. The complex consists of both DHA and EPA, which are needed to maintain proper mental function and health. They promise that they’ve included the purest source of omega-3 fatty acids available, which will encourage efficient nerve cell communication and protect from nerve cell damage.


We wouldn’t say that MindCare Protect failed to impress, but it’s important to have very specific expectations in mind before giving the product a try. MindCare Protect’s formula is a potent omega-3 complex based blend, so it’s an excellent option to use as an everyday supplement. Since it does not have fast-acting nootropics, however, it won’t be the type of supplement that you eagerly want to share with your friends due to striking results.

Does MindCare Protect perform? It does in its own way. Based on the product’s name, you can already tell that it aims to protect and prevent against mental decay. Our one week trial could not exactly show this, but we did not experience any side effects, sickness or discomfort while using the supplement. This shows that they’ve used a high-quality source of omega-3 fatty acids.


On the product’s official website, you’ll have to get it for US$34.25 for a month’s supply. The box comes with 30 capsules of the omega-3 complex and 30 capsules of the micronutrient capsule. If you’re looking for a cheaper option then make your way over to Amazon.com, where the box is sold for $23.99.


You’ve listened to your doctor, your mom and your friends about taking these omega-3 supplements. But they don’t seem to be doing you any good? Maybe that’s because you haven’t picked a high-quality supplement yet. A better option is MindCare Protect, which will not only provide you with the recommended dose of omega-3 complex (DHA and EPA) but also provides essential vitamins and some beneficial nootropics. The perfect health-support supplement for those above 45, MindCare Protect costs only $34.25 a month.

But let’s say you don’t want a regular multi-vitamin and are too impatient to see the results of these “protecting” supplements. You’re sick of having poor memory recall and are still embarrassed from that time you forgot your boss’ wife’s name at the X’mas party.  Or maybe you’re starting to feel that energy level decline that everyone keeps talking about. Don’t fret because we have the perfect product for you. Our Editors, who have been on the hunt for the best mind boosting product for seniors, have found their top pick. Lumonol Wisdom is the perfect choice for those who wish to improve mental focus, enhance memory, boost energy and reduce stress. Read about it here.

MindCare Protect Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 81%
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