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Our First Impressions: Prevagen introduces itself as the no. 1 selling memory supplement in pharmacies. And it makes quite a strong impression with its three distinct formulas: Regular Strength, Extra Strength, and Chewables. This brain health supplement claims to function unlike other brain or memory products, with “apoaequorin,” a patented protein originally found in a certain jellyfish species, as its main ingredient.

Manufacturer: Quincy Bioscience is a biotech company based in Madison, Wisconsin, and is engaged in developing new technologies. It is noteworthy for its use of apoaequorin, which it patented for used in a variety of products to support cognitive function. The manufacturer also boasts of processing this component in a cGMP compliant facility.

Marketing Practices: Prevagen employs a very clinical approach to brain supplementation on its site, which clear distinctions among its different product types/formulas. It also capitalizes on study findings and reviews to vouch for its claimed excellence in the market. We appreciate this approach but may need to strike a more responsive chord with target audience, or connect with them more deeply for its practical functions.

Ingredients: The protein apoaequorin is the main ingredient of Prevagen. It is a patented ingredient and is obtained from a certain species of jellyfish. It appears to be useful in addressing cognitive issues and other age-related health challenges.

Results: The supplement is said to be tested in a large, double-blind, placebo-controlled study using computers to access brain performance, with 218 adults over 40 years old participating in the three-month study. The results pointed to significantly improved learning and word recall, as well as an improvement in mild memory problems occurring in aging.

Other Reviews: Reviews on Prevagen point to the product’s popularity, but the ratings are generally neutral because of the costly price of the “stronger” varieties. It appears that the science it presents on the site may be inadequate in asserting its supremacy among brain health supplements available today.

Cost: A one-month supply of regular-strength Prevagen is available for $59.95, which can be reduced via a preferred customer plan or with bulk purchase. The price goes up for Extra Strength and Chewables. We find this can be quite cost-prohibitive for those who are seeking optimal brain function improvement.

Summary: Quincy Bioscience puts forward a patented protein for cognitive health and improvement, called apoaequorin, in a product that comes in Regular Strength, Extra Strength, and Chewables for those with issues with hard capsule intake. It presents compelling figure in its clinical trial, including the alleviation of mild memory problems linked to aging. Note that Prevagen’s price increases with the formula’s increase in strength.

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