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Neurofuse is a supplement for cognitive enhancement that is formulated with clinically studied ingredients to enhance focus, energy, and mental performance. If you are seeking a safe and effective method of improving mental performance and focus, you can learn about the most powerful focus & memory nootropic supplements at Brain Enhancement Advisor.

The manufacturer advertises this supplement to boost cognitive function, alertness, and focus. The formula is backed by clinical studies and research in scientific publications. The company cites results of clinical studies that have shown a reduction in mental fatigue, increase in visual information processing speed, and stress relief. There is a lack of product focused clinical research and the studies used by the company are on specific ingredients, rather than the supplement.


Much of the scientific research cited by the company surrounds its active ingredient, bacopa monnieri. In addition to this ingredient, the formula contains a clinically studied blend of ingredients that includes vinopcetine, choline bitartrate, DMAE, huperzinea, and vitamins B6, B12, and D3. The product comes with a money back guarantee.

Neurofuse Review

The manufacture of this supplement claims that users will see results with the first use and the results will get better over time. The reviews on the manufacturer’s website certainly back up the marketing claims. However, this is less reliable than user reviews, which provide insight into how the product has worked for others. Independent reviews and user reviews are balanced with generally positive reviews of the results, but some uncomfortable side effects have been noted.

Minimal Side Effects

There are no reports of serious side effects from users taking Neurofuse. The most common side effect of this supplement is stomach upset. For most people, this is fairly mild and often resolves on its own. A smaller number of people may have continued stomach upset and this may be lessened by taking it with meals.

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