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Excelerol Review: Too Many Ingredients Turns This Into Just an Expensive Tea

Our First Impressions

Excelerol is a supplement that had managed to enjoy fairly positive reviews on some of the biggest e-commerce portals; however, with recent advances in nootropics, many of the once-loyal fans are leaving Excelerol for more advanced nootropic supplements, such as Lumonol. We first came across Excelerol years ago, after reading a few reviews online. It is true that Excelerol enjoys positive reviews on Amazon and GNC, but a closer look at this reveals something interesting (more on that later).

Essentially, Excelerol combines over twenty various ingredients into one pill. There are a couple of things wrong with this approach that our panelists picked up on immediately. First of all, the sheer number of ingredients in the supplement makes it impossible to get any substantial quantity of any one ingredient. The manufacturers are limited by the physical size of a pill. Secondly, the makers of Excelerol have not revealed how much of each substance is included in the formula. This can cause problems down the road when customers try to adjust the nootropic effects that they are trying to achieve. If you know your own biology metabolizes Huperzine A in a specific way, you will not be able to increase your intake of Huperzine A without increasing your dose of every other ingredient in the pill. Our panelists agree that the best approach is to combine a curated list of core ingredients with proven nootropic benefits. These are two problems that our top rated nootropic of 2015 Lumonol, have managed to deal with successfully.

Overall, we had doubts as to why the makers of Excelerol thought that customers do not do their research before choosing a $100 supplement. We examine the ingredients, the manufacturer, and the risks of taking Excelerol.


Accelerated Intelligence is the company working on Excelerol, but the details of the company are quite uncertain. There are a couple of addresses given – one in Los Angeles and one in Delaware. There is no reliable contact information, and the manufacturers are not consistent when they answer customer questions (just look to Amazon for an example of this). We do not doubt that Accelerated Intelligence is running a successful business, but we do doubt the ability for this supplement to keep on going. Why? Years ago, potential customers of nootropic supplements were not as educated as they are now, which means that the ‘kitchen sink’ approach to ingredients does not work anymore. Customers (or at least the ones we know) want a carefully selected group of ingredients made by a credible manufacturer with real positive reviews. Excelerol does not tick those boxes.

Marketing Practices

Excelerol is guilty of abusing Amazon’s review system by purchasing their own supplement and giving excellent reviews. We think the review system on Amazon is great, because you can easily tell how many reviews each person has left. In the case of Excelerol, the so-called customers have only bought a bottle of Excelerol to leave a review for and no other products. There are no other reviews left from the people who left 5-star reviews for Excelerol. This is a severe red flag for us. We find that the inherent nature of nootropics is that some supplements do not work for a minority of people. For example, we know Noopept to be a leading nootropic ingredient, but it just does not work for about 9% of the people who take it. This means that even the best nootropic supplements should have some 1-star and 2-star reviews.


The ingredients in Excelerol are actually quite good. All of the following are in this supplement:
– vinpocetine, huperzine, vitamin B12, niacin, guarana, DMAE, basil, peppermint oil, rhodiola, black tea, white tea, green tea, etc…

The list goes on and on, and we recommend you inspect the entire list on the manufacturer’s website. However, it is fairly easy to see that there are a lot of tea extracts in this supplement. While we do value the ingredients found in tea, they are not cognitive enhancers or nootropic substances. Furthermore, the ingredients are in such small quantities that we think you’d be better off having a few cups of tea with a better nootropic.


Not surprisingly, the panelists who took the supplement felt fine after taking Excelerol, but not more focused. It is true that the caffeine included in the pill is a little less than a cup of coffee, and with the recommended dose calling for 2 pills per serving, this can equal to a lot of caffeine. So, at best, our panelists reported feeling a little more alert, with a feeling most similar to drinking coffee.


The cost is one of the most concerning details for us. Overall, it is one of the most expensive supplements on offer, at just under $100 per month. This is nearly twice the price of nootropic supplements containing piracetam and noopept, two of the most consistent and effective nootropic substances. We have examined the cost to make this supplement, and the ingredients themselves cost roughly about one third of the retail price to buy, put together, and ship. Simply put, Excelerol is expensive.


Our summary of Excelerol is based on the above criteria, and after examining the supplement, we can say that it is not the best one on the market. It is expensive, the ingredients are mostly tea extracts and in such small quantities you won’t feel anything, and the company engages in questionable marketing practices. With qualities like these, we are not sure why anyone would select this supplement with so many other good ones available. Although Excelerol is not the worst product either, our standards have sky rocketed ever since we encountered the esteemed Lumonol. If you’ve tried Excelerol and have not been pleased with the results, then we recommend trying out Lumonol or one of the other products from our Editors’ top choices… To get a gauge of the good, and the really good.

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