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Feel the Surge with Neurosurge

We’ve all been there. You had an early meeting at work, you then ran back and forth all day, after work there were errands to do, you had to pick up the kids from football practice, and by the time you made it home, you were exhausted. For those of us in your position, we generally would have two choices to make. We could sit on the couch, grab a drink, relax, and add to our love handles, or take something to pump up our energy and head on over to the gym. If you’re looking for the help to persuade yourself to not only go to the gym, but to make it through and succeed at an intense work out, Neurosurge 3.0 might just work for you.

From our research, we learned that Neurosurge 3.0 is a supplement produced by Neugenix, a company based out of Miami, Florida, the US. The company mainly focuses on performance nutrition and it currently sells four products, one of which is Neurosurge 3.0. Neurosurge 3.0 is actually the fourth version of a very popular supplement often used and promoted by body builders.

According to Neugenix’s website, Neurosurge 3.0 is a ‘nootropic-based athletic performance amplifier’ that is formulated with stimulants, antioxidants, and enhancers. It comes in a powder form and in two flavours, fruit punch and blue raspberry. After browsing bodybuilding forums, we learned that Neurosurge is mainly used as a means of achieving a fast surge of energy without a hangover. It is often described by users as caffeine-based supplement, and boy, they are not kidding.

After a cursory search we were able to find the supplement facts, which listed the exact amount of each ingredient. What stood out to us immediately was the amount of caffeine in one serving. One serving, which equals one scoop, or nine grams of powder, contains 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous. To put this into perspective, that is equal to about over three cups of coffee. Most experts agree that a human should at most consume up to 400 mg of caffeine throughout a day, any more than that, or even 400 mg in one sitting, may cause a fast heartbeat, muscle tremors, and irritability. Yet Neurosurge is marketed to those who expend a large amount of energy daily, and therefore Neurosurge might be suitable for certain people, especially if you don’t have caffeine sensitivity.

But for now let’s put that aspect of the nootropic aside and check out the other ingredients. Neurosurge 3.0 also includes beta-methoxy-PEA. Finding information on this ingredient outside of Neugenix’s website was somewhat difficult, although we were able to find some unsubstantiated evidence promoted by body builders that beta-methoxy-PEA may cause the release of norepinephrine and the increase circulation of adrenaline, leading an enhanced mood and increased energy. There is some concern regarding its effectiveness due to its short life span, although Neugenix claims its beta-methoxy-PEA has an extended half-life. Since information was hard to find, we would suggest caution when first starting Neurosurge, since the side effects of beta-methoxy-PEA are uncertain.

Undeterred, we moved on to other ingredients. Neurosurge 3.0 also includes acetyl-L-carnitine, which is an amino acid that increases energy production in the mitochondria, and huperzine-A, which protects and prevents the destruction of the learning neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Agmatine Sulfate is a neuromodulator that boosts nitric oxide, thus allowing our bodies to widen our veins more easily. Agmatine Sulfate has been touted for years by the muscle building community as a means of helping muscles grow and recover more quickly. However, substantial proof that it can produce the results many muscle builders claim it does is hard to come by. The final key ingredient is theobromine anhydrous, which is similar to caffeine, but stimulates the heart to a greater degree, rather that the entire central nervous system. It is an ingredient in chocolate and it may help increase blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

If you hadn’t noticed yet, Neurosurge 3.0 aims to provide energy by raising your heart rate and increasing your blood flow. With one dose containing three recommended servings of caffeine, one serving of theobromine, which is similar to caffeine, and all the other stimulants, we were suddenly intimidated by the sheer amount of stimulation in one serving. Everyone wants fast results, but one must certainly be careful not to mix Neurosurge with other sources of caffeine, as to not experience an overwhelming surge of energy.

One bottle of Neurosurge 3.0 costs $49.95 and lasts one month, which is quite a bit to pay for a huge pump of energy that might last only a few hours, after which we’d maybe end up being groggy and still unable to think or concentrate clearly. However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy source of energy, and you’ve taken enough energy supplements to where you know your limit, Neurosurge 3.0 might just work for you.

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