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Last Updated: April 11, 2024
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Seredyn Complete Calm Review: Stay Serene With Seredyn

Our First Impressions

Seredyn contains natural ingredients that can help reduce your anxiety levels and keep you feeling calm even through the roughest of days. BioNeurix, the company that manufacturers of Seredyn promises that you feel results instantly after the first serving. This is quite difficult to believe as supplements usually work cumulatively and overtime. But let’s give Seredyn a shot to see whether it can fulfill its promises of being an effective mood booster.


BioNeurix believes in using honest marketing techniques to promote their products. We have never encountered any suspicious landing pages or advertisements, which show that they create supplements solely with the intention of helping others to improve their health and lifestyle. If you purchase a product from BioNeurix and are unimpressed with the results then you can simply contact the company for a full-refund. Simple as that!


Seredyn’s formula only contains 5 active ingredients including L-Theanine, Passionflower extract, Valerian, Niacinamide and magnesium taurinate. The three main ones that will probably have the biggest effect on your mood and anxiety are L-Theanine, passionflower and valerian.

L-Theanine, a compound extracted from Green tea, provides the body with a calming effect. What makes L-Theanine so respectable is that it relaxes you without making you feel sedated or drowsy. For this reason, L-Theanine can also help to boost focus and concentration throughout the day.

Passionflower, on the other hand, is another herb that contains soothing properties. You will often find passionflower in sleep-aid supplements due to its effectiveness at reducing anxiety and keeping away worrisome thoughts.

Lastly we have valerian extract, which enters the brain and regulates the production of neurotransmitter adenosine. Adenosine is a chemical that is naturally produced in the brain when we are overly anxious and hyperactive. By interacting with adenosine, valerian extract helps to make you feel more relaxed and serene.

The three ingredients above combined can also improve and regulate sleep patterns. When we don’t get enough sleep, it is more likely that we experience stress, anxiety and restlessness.


Fortunately, one member from our team here has been using Seredyn for over 3 months. He takes 1 capsule in the evening after dinner to help calm his body and quiet his mind. He says that although the product doesn’t necessarily work to improve concentration or memory, he does feel more refreshed after sleeping with the help of Seredyn than without. During his use of Seredyn he has never experienced any adverse side effects, which is definitely a great sign.

Other Reviews

“Pros: There is actual dosing on the side of the bottle. Sometimes natural products are guesswork. There is also a nice mix of ingredients so you don’t have to purchase separately.

Cons: The price. 60 caps for $30? 50 cents a pill. Dosage recommendations are 1-3 capsules “as needed” up to 3 times a day. So $4.50 a day? This would be worth it if they actually worked well. Taking 3 pills gives a mild relaxation.

The verdict: The main ingredient in this is niacinamide, which is BEYOND cheap to purchase. I already have and use a bottle of that in combination with GABA, which is also very, very cheap. GABA gives you more of a tranquilizer feeling and helps you sleep, along with varying other benefits per user. Niacinamide + GABA = great night’s sleep and better mental health for less than but no more than $1 a week. Seredyn would have you going through a bottle a week looking for relief.” – Reanne Burnett on

“I must say that at first I was skeptical about this product, but after a few panic attacks treated with only two capsules, I was sold on its effectiveness. My “attacks” were really marked by elevated heart rate and sometimes frightening chest pain which has been medically diagnosed as “stress” or “anxiety”. This product has literally taken away my fear and anxiety when stressful situations arise and I highly recommend it to anyone.” – Kevin M. Shaw on

“I have been very disappointed in Serydyn after trying it for several weeks. I have felt no reduction in anxiety, insomnia or stress. I would not recommend this product.” – Ann Hartley on


You can get Seredyn from two different online sites…the first one is the company’s official website ( and the second is The cheaper option would be to get it from, where each bottle is sold for $32.95. You can take 1-2 capsules a day depending on the severity of your anxiety. If you take 2 capsules per day then the bottle will last an entire month.


Seredyn is a good product to get if you often experience anxiety and/or panic attacks. The ingredients in the formula, such as Valerian Root Extract and L-Theanine can help calm both your body and mind. If you also happen to struggle with sleep then taking Seredyn in the evening can be of huge help. Based on tons of the online reviews that we’ve checked out, the product works very well on some and not for others. Because of this, we would recommend that you buy Seredyn off its official website, which would give you the chance to get a full refund in case you are unimpressed with its results.

Seredyn Complete Calm Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 77%
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