"With a ground-breaking formula, professional marketing without gimmicks, and a loyal fan base amongst the next generation of biological researchers, Lumonol has made it to the number one slot on our review list."

LumUltra Rating: #1 Editors’ Choice
Overall Success Rate: 98%
Last Updated: September 14, 2023
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LumUltra Review: A Modern Noopept-Based Nootropic with Excellent Results

Our First Impressions

We were made aware of LumUltra for the first time by a friend of ours who is pursuing a MD / PhD degree while also working as a lab researcher for the same university. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the nootropics industry, and when he told us about LumUltra, we were instantly interested. The reason why? LumUltra has a novel formula that combines the cognitive enhancing power of Noopept with traditional nootropic substances like L-Tyrosine and Picamilon completing the supplement off with Guarana, the best all-natural potentiating substance we have tested. Looking beyond the formula, the website for the makers of LumUltra was well-built, answered all of our questions, and made it easy to purchase. We also liked the fact that LumUltra comes with a 90-day guarantee, which is great for those who are just trying LumUltra for the first time. With a ground-breaking formula, professional marketing without gimmicks, and a loyal fan base amongst the next generation of biological researchers, LumUltra has made it to the number one slot on our review list.

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Before buying a case of LumUltra for our panelists to try, we looked into the manufacturer of LumUltra, to make sure everything checked out. LumUltra is manufactured in good old New York, in a GMP certified lab. The company behind this supplement is Avanse Nutraceuticals, and from what we can tell, Avanse Nutraceuticals is focused only on modern nootropics, and not so much on the old standard formula for cognitive enhancers. This is good, because in the world of modern nootropics, there are beginning to be too many suppliers of sub-par ingredient supplements without any of the newer ingredients. We checked the Who Is record for the site, and LumUltra’s site is secured for receiving financial transactions. This is also a good sign. Avanse Nutraceuticals have really developed their research side as well as their business side equally as well. There were no red flags with the LumUltra website. Overall, the website functioned normally, except for one time when they had a pre-launch sign up session for discounts, the website slowed down due to too much traffic. LumUltra is quite popular among the research community and increasingly so with young professionals.
Marketing Practices

A breath of fresh air is how we like to describe the marketing practices of this supplement maker. With the exception of a few high quality nootropic supplements, many of the players in the brain pill space now have resorted to unethical marketing practices like false endorsements from television stations or phony money-back guarantees. Avanse Nutraceuticals website was clean and elegant, without any of the extraneous ‘sales-y’ offers and ticking clocks to pressure you into a deal. All of the information about the company and the ingredients was easy to find, and going through the checkout process was smooth too. Well done.


If you haven’t heard of Noopept by now, you need to. This new nootropic, which utilizes the short peptide design, is a cousin of piracetam, the well-known (but powerful) cognitive enhancer. While some people make the mistake of thinking that Noopept and piracetam are the same, their effects are quite different. Think of the difference between a Tylenol tablet and a morphine IV drip. Scientific research verified by NIH (National Institutes of Health) shows that Noopept is 1,000 times more potent than piracetam. Now our analogy between Tylenol and morphine does not seem so extreme. In addition to the potency differential, Noopept influences not just the beginning phase of memory creation (piracetam does just this). Noopept influences the ability to store memories and the ability to recall them later. With the inclusion of Noopept, LumUltra is in an upper class of nootropics.

To round out the formula, LumUltra contains some choice nootropic substances, including vitamin B6 and B12, acetyl L-carnitine, ginkgo, vinpocetine, and huperzine A, among others. LumUltra’s formula utilizes the best (in our opinion) natural stimulant guarana as a potentiation device. This further multiplies the positive effects of LumUltra.

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As mentioned, we had a pretty high sign-up rate from our panelists for this nootropic. After going through a case of the stuff, we had some pretty remarkable comments. LumUltra made almost everyone who took it feel mentally sharper, but (importantly) without any anxiety or jitters. Some people described it as having had a good night’s sleep and just feeling on top of everything the following day. Surprisingly, we did not have any complaints about negative side effects from taking LumUltra. Usually at least some people will stop taking a certain nootropic because it makes them feel anxious, sick, or otherwise just strange. With LumUltra, we kept hearing the same thing – “a great supplement, how can I get more?”

Other Reviews

There is an increasing number of reviews from other sites online. As more of the scientific community shares information about LumUltra, more and more people are trying it out and reviewing it online. The reviews are almost all positive, but of course there are the occasional negative reviews about the price of the supplement. However, as we have pointed out, the quality of the ingredients and the potency of a Noopept-based supplement make LumUltra great value.


LumUltra is currently priced at $57.97, “though if you choose the auto-ship option you can save $15 on that,” which is substantially lower than some comparable supplements. Their business model seems to be about getting this supplement out there for as any people as possible to try, review, and tell others about it. From what we have seen, this approach is working, as we have watched the fans and followers of LumUltra grow from under 100 to tens of thousands. There is a solid 90-day money back guarantee attached to this price, which will help some skeptics get over their indecision.


LumUltra increased focus & attention, improved all 3 stages of memory, made us feel better, and also kicked fatigue to the curb. With the inclusion of Noopept, LumUltra is getting ready to become one of the hottest nootropics on the market. Try to get ahold of a bottle or 3 and see why the scientific community can’t stop signing the praises of this supplement.

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LumUltra Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 98%
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