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Neuro Blast

Neurosurge 3.0 (Neuro Blast) Review: High on Caffeine, Low on Nootropics

Our First Impressions

We were impressed when we held the 270g tub of NeuroSurge 3.0 in our anxious little hands. The branding looked great, and the bottle featured a slick 3-color design of black, white, and goldenrod. After judging the book by its cover, we decided to dig in deeper and see if this supplement would become one of our favorites. The results surprised us, and we think they may surprise you too. Read on to find out more.

NeuroSurge 3.0 claims to be a nootropic substance that increases performance and also increases cognitive abilities. The company claims that the supplement stimulates the brain, increases the flow of blood, and generally makes you happier. Before believing the hype, take a look at the information below in order to make an informed decision.


We looked into the manufacturer of NeuroSurge 3.0, which is a company called Neogenix, based out of Miami, FL. Neogenix offers a small range of products on its own website as well as through BodyBuilding dot com and other online retailers. Wait, did we just say BodyBuilding dot com? Yes, the Neogenix product family tends to be geared more towards fitness buffs and gym rats than computer scientists or Limitless fanboys. That doesn’t mean it should be overlooked as a potent nootropic supplement, though. Overall, Neogenix seems to run a tight ship in the body building space. Its foray into cognitive enhancement shows that it has plans for growth too.

Marketing Practices

It is hard to ignore one of the biggest facts about the marketing of NeuroSurge 3.0. Before there was NeuroSurge 3.0, NeuroSurge 2.0, and NeuroSurge 1.0, there was Neuro Blast. Euro Blast looked identical to NeuroSurge, but contained one key ingredient that has since been banned by the FDA – DMAA. The FDA showed that DMAA containing substances like Neuro Blast were potentially harmful to those who took them. Heart issues, blood pressure issues, and the chance of death are all side effects of taking DMAA. It is important that review sites like this one have exposed the facts about this supplement and its marketing ploys. We cannot help but distrust a company that once offered for sale deadly substances. These same people are now hawking NeuroSurge 3.0 to us, with deadly amounts of another substance that should be controlled – caffeine (read more in the ingredients section). With multiple name changes, this supplement is on our ‘watch list’ for dodgy marketing practices.


Before we get into ingredients, it is important to note that NeuroSurge 3.0 comes in powder form, and the serving size is not 2 or 3 pills, but 1 scoop. Again, this type of dose hints back to Neogenix’ fitness roots. We found some interesting nootropic substances in the formula of NeuroSurge 3.0 including huperzine A, acetyl L-carnitine HCI, and vitamin B6. Despite these good ingredients being present, they were found in such trace amounts that they are probably not effective. More surprising is the large amount of caffeine that we found in this supplement powder. Instead of the usual 100mg or so of caffeine, NeuroSurge is the heavyweight champion of caffeine, with a whopping 300mg per serving! Imagine downing 3+ coffees right before studying for an algebra exam. T-t-t-taalk-k-k-k ab-b-b-bout the j-j-j-jitters. NeuroSurge’s stimulation does not stop with the caffeine, as it also contains 100mg of theobromine anhydrous, a chemical cousin of caffeine. Theobromine anhydrous affects the central nervous system more weakly than caffeine, but stimulates the heart more strongly than caffeine.


We handed out samples of NeuroSurge 3.0 to our panelists, who tried it. The reports were in line with what we expected – extreme energy rush for a couple hours, followed by an extreme crash. The stimulation is just too much. Sure, it will make you want to get off the sofa and hit the gym, but what we are looking for in a balanced nootropic is the ability to provide instant focus without crash, as well as long-term cognitive enhancing benefits. Sadly, NeuroSurge 3.0 does neither. After just a few days trying this supplement, our panelists gave up, since they saw it was basically a stimulant, and not a nootropic.

Other Reviews

We checked other review sites in line with our best practices and found that people either loved this supplement for its instant boost in energy, or loathed it because it is essentially just a caffeine powder. This supplement is quite popular with those who have made fitness a regular part of their lives, as it does provide a swift kick in the ass to get out of bed and into the gym. Pumping iron. Breaking a sweat. You know, things like that.


The cost of $59.95 for a one-month’s supply of NeuroSurge is pretty ridiculous, considering it contains so little of the expensive nootropic ingredients, and so much of the industry’s cheapest stimulant – caffeine. We could see this being a decent pick-me-up if the price were $19.99, but there are so many much better supplements out there, we urge you to keep looking.


Please be careful when trying NeuroSurge 3.0. While they may have eliminated the deadly DMAA, Neogenix have beefed up the caffeine and theobromine to dangerous levels. With over 400mg of stimulants per serving, we doubt you will experience anything close to what you would experience if using a balanced, modern nootropic. If you are in love with supplements like this one, we suggest you try a more advanced nootropic containing Noopept, and add in your own caffeine source to potentiate the cognitive enhancing ingredients.

Neuro Blast Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 74%
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