VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn

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Last Updated: April 11, 2024
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VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn

VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn Review: Fat Burner

Our First Impressions

As familiar as we are with the compound ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine) itself, we were interested in VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn product because it makes many claims relating to fat burning and increasing muscle. So let’s start off by discussing what ALCAR actually is. ALCAR is an amino acid that our body produces naturally in very small amounts. When we take ALCAR orally, our bodies produce more energy and feel more alert. As a result, ALCAR is a substance typically used to improve brain function, muscle function and even heart function. ALCAR has been shown to potentially improve memory in elder people by increasing blood flow to the brain. This strong amino acid is also known to help improve memory in those who, due to excessive alcohol intake, have long-term thinking problems.

Even though ALCAR can help with cognitive functions, VitaXtrong promotes its Acetyl L-Carn as a product that can convert fat to fuel, improve physical performance and increase muscle tone. Since we know that ALCAR has the ability to increase energy levels, we don’t doubt that the product can be effective as a pre-gym supporter.


VitaXtrong is a company that focuses on producing bodybuilding supplements. They want to help customers “lean up, bulk up, and beast up” with their “extreme line of performance supplements scientifically formulated with the BEST forms of the BEST ingredients.” The company seems to have many loyal and satisfied customers who remain eager to buy more.


Each pill of VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn contains:

  • 500 mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine

We were happy to find out that their pills do not consist of any other ingredients, because that would make it a nootropic stack as opposed to a pure ALCAR product. There are no filler substances or any harmful contaminations in the product, which tells us that VitaXtrong is very aware of safety and value.


Our team member Jeremy is quite the fitness fanatic. He stays in shape by religiously going to the gym, taking protein shakes, and always looking out for the hottest new performance-enhancing product. So when it came to trying out VitaXtrong’s ALCAR, Jeremy was very excited to say the least. He took three capsules a day on regular days and 4 capsules on days of harder training. The test went on for 3 weeks in order to evaluate both short-term and long-term effects.

After the test period ended, we found that in both the short and long-term, VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn did fulfill its promises. Jeremy felt more motivated at the gym and with more energy to use. He did not feel as drained out after an exercise session and he did see results in terms of eliminating some fat. The most important aspect that he wanted to point out was that the product did not boost him but rather kept him feeling alert. I quote his explanation here: “It didn’t really make me jump around more or anything like that, but I just didn’t feel as tired. I was always ready to gym and didn’t feel the need to complain about feeling lethargic. It was great.”


One bottle costs around $40 and includes 100 pills. As aforementioned, you can take 3-4 capsules a day depending on your lifestyle. So one bottle could potentially last you one month as long as you don’t go overboard.


We would definitely recommend VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn for those of you who want to feel more motivated and focused during exercise. The product is designed for people who are interested to burn fat and get fit, so if you’re a gym freak then this would be perfect supplement for you. The product did not build more muscle but rather reduced fatigue and chronic tiredness. The price of the supplement is also very reasonable, making it a recommended buy.


VitaXtrong’s Acetyl L-Carn Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 80%
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