5 Incredibly Effective Superfoods That Boost Focus And Memory

So you’re a health conscious consumer. And you like to make sure that everything that goes in your diet and is apart of your lifestyle benefits your health in both the short and long-term. Excellent. That means you’re going to love what we have for you today – 6 natural superfoods that will enhance focus and memory. What makes them ‘super’ is not the fact that they taste incredible (that’s just a bonus!), but rather their ability to boost cognitive function by reducing brain fog and bettering your abilities to stay on task and be productive throughout the day.

Sometimes getting enough exercise and sleep is not enough to keep maintain that strong mental edge. And even though you’ve tried to deactivate that Facebook and/or Instagram account, the itch to check your phone every few minutes never seems to go away. But by eating one or more of these 5 superfoods, you’ll be more in control of your body and your mind. Ready for some brain-boosting foods? Let’s go!

  1. Chia seeds make the best food décor!


Chia seeds were something that I ate religiously while trying out the whole vegan thing for a few months. They are small little, tasteless seeds that are often used to decorate foods and make them look a little fancier. And for this reason people aren’t really aware of that chia seeds are actually capable of doing. It turns out that these little guys are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which we all know can help to improve general cognitive function. But they also help to increase mental energy levels, which is why people who eat them have found themselves feeling more alert and focused.

  1. One for all the choco lovers…


Dedicated to all the chocolate lovers out there! Dark chocolate has made it once again to another list of healthy foods that you should eat. Okay so the first magical part about dark chocolate is that it increases your dopamine levels, which puts you in a better and more motivated mood. Secondly, dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants that can protect your brain cells from damage and cognitive impairment. As if those things aren’t good enough, dark chocolate is rich in nutrients that have been shown to induce focus and concentration abilities. This natural stimulant should from now on, always, always, be your go-to desert.

  1. Smell something fishy?


It’s no surprise that fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, can help boost brain function. I’m sure most of us have heard that fatty fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are capable of increasing mental energy, improve alertness and boost concentration. Some people choose to get their omega-3’s by taking supplements and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if that doesn’t sound like your kind of game then make sure to include salmon or mackerel in this week’s grocery shopping list.

  1. Coco loco (Coconut oil!).


For the longest time I refused to cook with coconut oil because the only thing I heard and knew about it was that it’s rich in saturated fats. But a few years back, I read an article about coconut oil and its benefits so that sort of convinced me to join the coco loco team. It turns out that coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, allowing it to support overall cognitive function and health. Coconut oil is also composed of tons and tons of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which have been scientifically proven to not only help with weight management (um, don’t mind if I do?), but also enhance memory and focus. Brilliant!

  1. Go bananas!


So placing bananas at number 1 might be slightly biased because they do happen to be my favorite fruit. And no, it’s not just because they taste amazing, are super cheap and pretty much accessible at every grocery/fruit store. Actually, it’s because they’re packed with Vitamin B6, which if you know anything about, happens to be the vitamin that most cognitive enhancing supplements contain. Why? Well, a daily intake of Vitamin B6 has been linked to improved mental alertness, better memory capacity and you guessed it, enhanced focus! You can pack a banana to work and eat it just like that or if you’re feeling a little more fancy then cut them up into pieces and place them along your muesli bowl for breakfast.