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Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain Review: The Latest Trend in Pseudo-Supplements

Our First Impressions

Remember when you were a teenager, and some things were just cool and others were just not? Even if you attempted to explain why something uncool was better than something cool, the cool kids would just not listen. They were too concerned with their own little clique to notice anything else. Welcome to the world of Alpha Brain. This pseduo-supplement is the latest trend in nootropics, and they have hired a team of web designers, e-marketing specialists, and some C-list celebrities to endorse the product. Despite these efforts, we know you are smarter than that. We were well aware of Alpha Brain and were initially fans of the supplement… that is, until we tried it. ONNIT labs is the entity behind Alpha Brain, which has replaced Focus Factor as the most popular cognitive enhancer for the time being. However, just because Alpha Brain is popular right does not mean it is the most effective or that it even works. This review takes us down the road of disappointment and false claims by the makers of Alpha Brain.


ONNIT labs is the manufacturer behind Alpha Brain, but the name that most people associate with Alpha Brain is Joe Rogan, the multi-talented C-list celebrity who has been a part of Alpha Brain for a long time. This key endorsement, as well as the endorsement from some unknown athletes, seems to distract people from looking at the manufacturer itself. Yes, the supplement is made in a GMP-certified lab, and it is formulated in the USA. However, if you notice the key ingredients, you will notice a trend with other, far cheaper supplements.

Marketing Practices

Where to begin. Let’s say that you had $100,000 to spend on developing a supplement. Would you put 80% of that money into research and development of the supplement, or would you put that $80,000 into web design and celebrity endorsements? Alpha Brain is obviously the latter. They have spent a lot of money (either up front or on commissions and residual income offerings) putting up a beautiful website and other marketing materials. We are truly impressed with the presentation of this supplement, especially when compared to others in the industry. However, after you get past this, you see the truth about Alpha Brain. It is a sub-par supplement with a very overrated name The ingredients are the same as in many other cognitive enhancing products. There is Alpha GPC, huperzine A, vinpocetine, and bacopa. These core ingredients are in several supplements, because they do provide some support for the real nootropic substances like the racetam family and noopept. Those are serious nootropic substances that work. Why doesn’t Alpha Brain include them? They are expensive, and Alpha Brain needs to pay its celebrities to keep the party going! Don’t be fooled by the shiny website – Alpha Brain is the same as several other supplements out there.


We discussed the ingredients already, but would like to note that the quantities of these ingredients are not enough to bring about the needed benefits. As one reviewer on Amazon wrote, “Alpha Brain does work, but I tested it against a couple cups of black coffee and found that the coffee produced the exact same level of cognitive increase.” This pretty much sums it up for us. There are no special ingredients in Alpha Brain, and will not produce the results that serious consumers are looking for.


Based on the reviews we read, we also decided to test Alpha Brain against coffee. Our panelists tried Alpha Brain after being on a normal coffee regiment (which we all are on). The panelists did normal tasks that required brain power, such as graduate school work, playing chess, and learning new languages. The results were that we accomplished about the same on Alpha Brain as coffee. So, technically it works, but will not push you above your standard level, which is the whole point of nootropics in the first place. Sorry Alpha Brain, we will be sticking with coffee.


This is also a big issue that we had with Alpha Brain. The price is high. Coming in at just under $60 for a one-month supply, we would have expected the ingredients to have been better than they are. This is a $25 supplement at best, but again, ONNIT needs to pay its web designers and celebrities to keep endorsing the product. Alpha Brain comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but we haven’t see much success getting money back. Alpha Brain may be the most fashionable nootropic supplement on the market now, but its days are numbered.


The reason why Alpha Brain is popular is because of the sexy website and the not quite sexy group of people endorsing it. There is no intelligent scientist working in a lab coming up with this stuff. It is simply a re-hash of other formulae that ONNIT copied. There is no proper nootropic substance, and the price makes this unviable as a multivitamin. Our advice? Skip it and look for a real nootropic supplement on

Alpha Brain Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 85.5%
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