5 Lunchbox Meals You Shouldn’t Be Packing For Your Kids


Does it seem like your child has ADD? Do they lack focus and organization at school? Does your child often get criticized for making inappropriate comments at inappropriate times? While there are a lot of things that can cause the development of ADD/ADHD, what a lot of parents aren’t aware of is that their child’s lack of focus could be caused by the very fuel you are providing them everyday.

There used to be a time when packing PB&J sandwiches everyday was acceptable. Wait a minute, is it not okay to do that now? Well, not if you want your kid to have laser-sharp focus and optimum mental performance at school. You and your friends have probably had a go at your kids’ school for providing crap, totally unhealthy lunches. Which is why you decided to take matters into your own hands, right? But are you still making the mistake of giving your child sugar-packed meals? Here are 5 things you should never pack into your child’s lunch box…

  1. Cereal/Granola Bars


Those bars sure look healthy when words like “nuts”, “seeds”, and “protein” are plastered all over the front packaging. But actually take a look at the supplement facts label and you’re realize that each of those “healthy” bars has a lot of sugar, food additives and basically a whole bunch of crap that your child should not be eating at such a young age (or ever, really). If you’re a super big fan of cereal bars in general then it may be fun to spend this weekend baking some home-made ones. That way you have more control over which ingredients go in the bar!

  1. Chocolate or Strawberry Flavored Milk


You can’t give ’em soda so you go with the milk option, right? Wrong. Take a look at the back label first and check the sugar content. If the amount of sugar in each bottle is beyond 12-15 grams then forget about it.

  1. Crackers With Cheese


The amount of trans fats that these little cheese cracker packages have is not what your 9-year-old needs on a Monday afternoon when she’s trying to cope with bullies. Trans fats = bad, unnecessary cholesterol. Sure, it’s easy to pack and it’s really affordable, but it’s not a healthy option and it does not in any way benefit your child’s diet. Stop giving your child junk and maybe they’ll stop giving you the same junk attitude.

  1. Yogurt Tubes


Fun little-packaged yogurt tubes seem like a quick but healthy snack option to give the kids. What you don’t know is that most of these yogurts are made from really low-quality dairy aka genetically modified dairy aka bad for your kid’s tummy aka expect a call from the nurse’s office anytime this week.

  1. PB & J Sandwiches


Yes, America’s favorite lunch has made it to #1 on the worst things you can pack in kids’ meal box. Not only does PB&J lack the proper nutrients and vitamins that your child needs in order to maintain good health and optimal brain function, it’s also really sugary and can lead to hyperactivity. This is a meal that will bring the opposite of focus and productivity. If you still want to go with the sandwich option, use lean proteins i.e. chicken breast and some greens instead.

Be the kind of parent that goes beyond PB&J.

Particularly if your child has ADD/ADHD, paying very close attention into what goes into their lunchbox can determine the very outcome of this year’s report card. Okay, maybe it won’t go to such extremes, but it can and will definitely make a difference. To further improve your child’s focus and behavior, consider the option of getting a well-formulated, cognitive-enhancing supplement. During your search, you will realize that so many different supplement options are available, which will confuse you and even tempt you to give up in finding the perfect one. To help make your hunting process easier, go with our Editors’ top pick, Lumonol Prep. Prep contains natural ingredients such as Rhodiola Rosea and L-Theanine, which will help your child relax and get focused without causing them to feel tired or nauseous. Give Prep a go and get yourself a bottle right now!