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Mind Power Rx Review: Not The Best Herbal Formulation, But Good Enough For The Price

Our First Impressions

Mind Power Rx is another dietary supplement we’ve come across that claims to improve aspects of brain function such as memory and focus. The manufacturer of the product, Advance Physician Formulas, says that Mind Power Rx mostly works by increasing blood flow to the brain and regulating neurotransmitter release. Advance Physician Formula also claim that Mind Power Rx was created by Dr. Ray Sahelian – a natural supplement expert who completed his doctorate at Thomas Jefferson Medical School, Philadelphia.


Mind Power Rx was created in 2004 by Advance Physician Formula. Their website is quite strange in that it is set up as a single document webpage containing information on the product’s formulation, dosage, side effects, interactions and testimonials. There are no in-your-face marketing techniques adopted on the page, which is frankly quite different to what we’re used to. The other good news is that Dr. Ray Sahelian is a real doctor, so his name has not been used solely for business purposes. The only question left at this point is: does Mind Power Rx really work?


Mind Power Rx’s formula is listed under a “proprietary blend” of the following ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba extract, Mucuna Pruriens extract, Ashwagandha extract, Bacopa Monnieri extract, Gotu Kola extract, Reishi extract, Ginseng extract, Fo-ti extract an Rhodiola extract. None of the ingredients chosen were anything surprising; most of them are quite well-known and popularly used in the world of nootropic supplements. However, these ingredients are not the most potent that we’ve seen – there are others such as Lumonol’s Noopept that have been shown to be far more effective in boosting concentration and memory.

Ginkgo biloba is a compound that most of you would’ve heard of by now or at least you should if you’ve done your homework properly about nootropics. This leaf extract is one of America’s top picks when it comes to brain-boosting supplements. It works by stimulating blood flow throughout the body and brain, which leads to improved cognitive function, particularly with focus and memory. It also prevents blood clots and regulates the amount of acetylcholine (learning neurotransmitter) in the brain.

Ashwagandha is an ancient herb that has not been forgotten in today’s world of supplements. Most consumers use it to take the edge off and reduce anxiety, but the herb also contains powerful neuroprotective properties, meaning it has the potential of protecting from memory loss.

Next on the list is Ginseng extract. Although Advance Physicians Formulas does not list the exact type of Ginseng used, we assume that it is Asian/Panax Ginseng – as this herb is very well recognized in the supplement market as a compound that can boost brain function. Panax ginseng not only improves mental energy but can also help with anxiety and stress, which will help users to concentrate for longer periods of time.


A quick search for consumer reviews tells us that Mind Power Rx has mostly shown satisfactory results. After reading through dozens of the reviews posted on Amazon.com, it is clear that the product does help with mental alertness and focus. Some even use it to replace their morning coffee intake, only to feel lifted energy levels throughout the day. Since some customers have seen minor side effects while being on the product, we recommend that you consult your physician before trying Mind Power Rx to avoid any health complications.

Other Reviews

We weren’t too happy while reading some of the posts written on Amazon.com and that’s because they all seemed to be a little too extreme. Basically, the comments are either very positive or very negative, which shows us that the product is not suitable for the majority of people. Take a look for yourself:

“I found this product because I was looking for something to give my memory a kick in the butt. Luckily I got it for free as I had a credit, because after taking it for several weeks I just dumped the rest of it in the trash.

First off, I noticed no improvement what-so-ever. I was not thinking clearer and my memory did not improve. In fact the opposite happened…I became more tired, lethargic, and I had a very difficult time sleeping while taking this (and I only took 1 pill with breakfast per day).

I also researched every product listed on the back of the bottle. All the items listed at the bottom, choline, inositol, l-carnosine, etc are at such a low dose that there is no evidence they are doing anything for you. You get more of these items just from food you eat. Look up the items in the “proprietary blend”. They are unproven herbs, some of which have evidence of liver damage and hormone damage (panax ginseng). Panax ginseng can also cause insomnia.

This pill just seemed too good to be true, and I believe it is. I would not recommend it. I am just glad I am not out any money because of it and I hope other people won’t be duped like I was.” – chichitao on Amazon.com

“One pill before breakfast and I don’t need any coffee. It makes me feel alert till evening, more focused and I feel I can recall words quicker. I’ve noticed that I can concentrate for hours on a project that I kept procrastinating. I only take it on the days when I want to be more mentally motivated.” – Rachel p on Amazon.com


Mind Power Rx may be in the lead when it comes to prices. For only $19.95 a bottle, you get an entire month’s supply of Dr. Ray Sahelian’s brain-enhancing capsules. Be aware, however, that cheaper does not always mean better. It sometimes pays off to give a little bit more money for a product with higher quality ingredients and that comes with little to no side effects.


With a herbal formulation and a price that’s nearly impossible to beat, we’re not surprised that Mind Power Rx has made quite a few sales on Amazon.com. We do, however, take other customer reviews into consideration while reviewing a supplement. In this particular instance, consumers are either totally for or against the product – it was very hard to find an in-between. So even though the price of the supplement is definitely a steal, you may want to have a think on it before quickly pressing that “Add to Cart” button.

Mind Power Rx Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 77%
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