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Got upcoming exams? Is time running out for you to study? Well, you’re not alone! A lot of students often feel this way particularly because of the tremendous pressure to end the year with the best grades possible. For that extra boost of focus and energy, some choose caffeine while others rely on cigarettes to successfully pull that all-nighter. Recently, however, study aid pills “Study Buddy” has become vastly popular. So just how good is this stuff?

Study Buddy claims to increase mental performance during learning processes, particularly in terms of memory, concentration, recall, focus and information processing speed. The product is clearly aimed towards students. We know this because firstly, the name “Study Buddy” is quite suggestive. And secondly, according to the manufacturers, the product is scientifically verified to increase mental performance, especially during a learning period such as revision before an exam.

Although it took us some time to reach its official website, we did eventually find it. The site consists of 3 paragraphs (as shown below):

“To Our Loyal Customers:

Brainiac Supplements, is comprised of scientists and medical doctors, who formulate the most complete, balanced, science-based nutritional supplements. Our goal is to help all of our customers enhance their lives and optimize performance, but our primary focus is cognitive performance.

Our philosophy is simple; what you eat has a direct impact on how you perform. This is true for physical performance as well as mental performance. And, today, there is more science than ever before supporting the need to redefine healthy diet – which is why proper supplementation is so critical for optimal health.

We love what we do; what we learn, what we teach, what we make, and what we offer to the world. We hope this shines through in everything we do to serve you.”

…That’s it! That’s the entire website. If you’re someone who likes to have things concise, well there you have it! But as a supplement reviewer, we would’ve liked to more details. Despite the lack of information on its official site, the product continues to appeal students from allover the world. This means that there are a lot of students out there who are not disappointed by their purchase. So if you’re having doubts on whether this product is a scam or not, don’t worry! We’re here to give you the real facts.


Brainiac Supplements – creators of Study Buddy, amongst other products. Brainiac Supplements could perhaps be considered the underdogs of the supplement market, as they aren’t as popular as they used to be. When looking at their products, however, we were glad to see that they do not include any ridiculous claims about how “10,000 doctors support them” or anything like that. This is good news!

Marketing Practices

Brainiac Supplements seem to heavily depend on online reviews and customer endorsements. The product is also available on, where it holds an overall rating of 3.1 out of 5 amongst the reviewers. To be honest, 3.1 is relatively low considering that users seem to have a positive opinion of the product. However, 50% of the users did give it a rating of 5 out of 5.


Unfortunately, it took us quite some time to locate any information regarding the ingredients of Study Buddy, but luckily we were able to find some key ingredients.

Acetyl – L-Carnitine: is a powerful free form amino acid, produced by the body and also found in several plants. It is used to prevent deterioration of brain cells, while improving concentration, memory, and mental sharpness.

DMAE: a substance which has shown to increase short-term memory, concentration and mental clarity. Common side effects reported by consumers include weight loss, drowsiness, elevated blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches or insomnia.


Based on what we’ve heard and some reviews from customers, we believe that Study Buddy seems to be an effective supplement, though it may not work for everyone. The reviews are generally positive, despite the occasional crappy student who claims that it’s nothing but a bullshit pill.


A regular bottle comes with 24 servings (recommended serving of 3 capsules a day) at the price of $60.24. This price is relatively high considering the fact that you may have to purchase 2 packets just to experiment with the product for a month. This is why we’ve placed it at #3 on our ratings for student recommendations.


Although adults will often tell you that as long as you don’t procrastinate, there’s always enough time to study and get good grades…this is not always the case. Sometimes, we do need an extra boost to help us fight our way through our studies. Study Buddy is designed to help students improve memory recall, concentration, and mental alertness. The word help here is key. A lot of people assume that by taking a simple pill, one can magically turn from a lazy, inattentive student to a valedictorian of the school. But this is not what the product aims to do. It simply helps you to focus on your studies and remember all those details from the textbooks with more ease. So if you’re a crap student who has never even attempted to open a book and study before a test, then don’t expect that by taking a single pill, all your F’s will turn into A’s. However, if you’re an eager student who just needs a bit of help to stop checking your iPhone every 5 minutes instead of studying, then this pill will definitely aid you with your goals.

Overall, the product seems to work well for most students. Again, don’t expect it to work wonders! It is not the NZT-48 pill from “Limitless”. We have made it a recommended product based on the experience of some our team members who have gotten positive results, as well as the overall good reviews from users across the world. If you’re someone who has trouble concentrating but does have the motivation to study, then don’t be scared to get yourself a ‘Buddy’!


Study Buddy Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 87%
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