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Last Updated: September 14, 2023
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Insight Review: Great Herbal Option For Beginners

Our First Impressions

Insight is a purely vegan and herbal supplement that is designed to improve cognitive performance. The product may appeal to those who prefer to better themselves through the use of natural ingredients. If you’ve been looking for a nootropic supplement, always remember rule #1 – don’t settle for less than you deserve. In this review, we will take a look at Insight, its formula, results, price and more to decide whether or not this product is truly for the winners out there. Read on and you’ll find out what to do next.


FreeMind Supplements, the creator of Insight, believes in the power of self-improvement and self-development. They’ve designed their product, Insight, in a GMP certified lab with clinically proven ingredients. They hope that by using Insight, people will be able to increase their mental performance, improve overall wellbeing and most importantly grow to be a better version of themselves. The company proves to us that they are trustworthy by offering a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, which gives you the chance to buy their product without a single worry.


The manufacturers have made it quite evident on their website that Insight is composed of nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients. Nooptropics are cognitive enhancing compounds and adaptogenics are substances that help you adapt to stress. Knowing that Insight includes these two types of ingredients definitely gives us a good impression of the product. So far, it seems like Insight is on the right track. But not all supplements are created equal – some companies include the right ingredients but fail to keep an eye on the dosages, resulting in an ineffective formula. Is this the case with Insight? Let’s take a look at a couple of the highlight ingredients:

The first ingredient that we want to talk about here is Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR). If a nootropic supplement doesn’t contain caffeine or any other stimulants (which most people prefer to be the case!), then it should at the very least include ALCAR. ALCAR is considered a smart drug by many people because of it’s able to improve your ability to concentrate and feel alert. Sometimes the main cause to lack of creativity and productivity is an overwhelming amount of brain fog and/or lack of mental energy. We feel fatigued and thus we can’t get our head to fully focus on the task at hand. ALCAR can help fix this issue by reducing tiredness and making you feel more vigilant. And surely enough, this compound comes with a bonus! Taking 500-1000 mg of ALCAR everyday has been shown to boost metabolism and help with fat loss. What a treat!

The second ingredient that stands out is L-Theanine. Another excellent choice made by FreeMind Supplements. L-Theanine ­– an ingredient that you absolutely need in order to achieve full, long-lasting concentration. It calms the mind, gets rid of all those distracting thoughts and keeps you concentrated for hours on end.

Lastly, we want to take a second to discuss Ginkgo Biloba. A lot of people are starting to get sick of seeing this ingredient in every single nootropic supplement they see. But don’t you think there’s a reason as to why it’s so widely popular? While some argue that Ginkgo gives absolutely no effects to the body, we don’t agree. Ginkgo is capable of increasing blood stimulation in the body, it has antioxidant properties that help prevent diseases and it may even increase memory capacity.


Insight’s formula included some really great ingredients so we were really, really pumped to give this product a full 2-week trial. We then realized that we were so impressed by the product’s formula because it contains a lot of stuff that you find in our Editors’ Choice Award Winner, Lumonol. Anyway, let’s get back to the results we found!

Nothing too fancy here, unfortunately. Things went quite well at first and all of the members felt more eager and motivated to get work done. Some of the users even felt like they were able to concentrate for extended periods of time (better than usual). Very minor complaints about side effects – only one member experienced a slight headache. By the end of the second week, our users needed to increase their dose to feel the same results, which is not great news.


We would recommend for you to visit the product’s official website to get more info, but if you’re really keen on getting the product ASAP then you can just make your way straight to On, each bottle is sold for $29.97. There are 60 capsules and you are suggested to take 2 per day. However, on the label it does state that some people may need to up their dose to 3 capsules per day given they don’t feel noticeable results. This would mean that the bottle only lasts 20 days.


Insight by FreeMind Supplement is a good n’ light, all-natural nootropic supplement that you should go for if you’re a beginner. Although we believe that the formula is completely unsuitable for those who are more advanced with nootropics, it could be effective to those who have just joined the crew. You may notice after taking the product for a while that 2 capsules just don’t cut it anymore, meaning you will need to increase your dose. That’s fine, but it does make your purchase less economical, so we would recommend going with a stronger product after forming a tolerance. A good one to go for is Lumonol by Avanse Nutraceuticals, which is suitable for both beginners and advanced folks, and should not cause tolerance buildup when used according to the instructions. Sounds great, right? Read our review of Lumonol here.

Insight by FreeMind Supplements Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 82%
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