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Last Updated: September 14, 2023
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Zoned Review: 2-in-1 Energy Booster and Cognitive Enhancer

Our First Impressions

Zoned is designed as a supplement that can provide two main benefits, including a boost of energy and improvement in cognitive abilities. Since we’ve worked with and reviewed so many energy boosters in the past, we are aware that most of these products are simply loaded with caffeine and sugar. So although it may give the impression of a energy lift and a brain-buzz, the effects are short-term and may even bring problems in the future.

This product is not too popular although a few of our readers have requested a review on it. When we visited Zoned’s official website, we were impressed with the clean and simple page format. We also liked how the brand provides blogs, nutrition articles, and a very detailed description of the ingredients in each product. It’s fair to say that Zoned made quite a good first impression, but let’s check out the quality and value of the product itself.


Zoned is one of the products from the company Zoned Nutrition – established in 2012 and based in Los Angeles, NV. The business offers both fitness and brain-enhancing supplements, which tells us that they have quite a narrow range of production. This is good news, because companies that attempt to focus on too many different types of products often lose the dedication and precision to excel with each supplement. Zoned Nutrition also holds a pledge that includes:

  • No deceptive marketing
  • Tried and true ingredients and products
  • Product satisfaction guarantees
  • Friendly and fast customer service

Marketing Practices

We can confirm that the first point mentioned above is true, because we are unable to find any suspicious and immoral advertisements and notices on Zoned. Although this may not seem like a big deal, we truly appreciate Zoned Nutrition’s ability to keep their word of honor, as it shows us that the company is reliable and trustworthy.


Now let’s test the second point of the company’s pledge: “Tried and true ingredients and products.”

Amount Per Serving 755mg, includes:

  • Sulbutiamine 300 mg
  • Choline citrate 255 mg
  • Caffeine 120 mg
  • Hordenine 50 mg
  • Schizandrol-A 30 mg

We’d like to go through each of these ingredients in order to make sure that you as a customer are well-informed about what Zoned pills contain. So let’s get right to it. Sulbutiamine and Choline are both related to memory functions. Sulbutiamine is derived from Vitamin B1 (scientifically name: Thiamine) and works to improve memory retention and recall. Even though choline is a substance that is very vital to our mental well-being, a whopping 90% of all Americans have been predicted to have choline deficient diets. Choline can boost mental clarity and improve memory abilities. Zoned has used Choline citrate in their formula, which is a particularly cheap version of choline. This is one thing that could be improved although we don’t think it’s such a huge issue.

Zoned also contains caffeine, which seemed disheartening until we noticed that only 120 mg is packed. We believe that this is definitely the perfect amount of caffeine that should be included in a supplement, because it’s basically equivalent to one cup of coffee. Not too much, not too little! Now moving on Hordenine. This compound is found in Barley promotes metabolism by increasing blood flow. As a result, we feel more alert and energetic. Lastly, Schizandrol-A is an ancient Chinese herb that can enhance both physical and mental health. The best part about this plant is that it doesn’t typically come with any side effects whatsoever.


Our team was very excited to try the product. Three members tried it over a period of 4 weeks to check for both short-term and long-term results. Within the first week, all members felt more energized and noticed that they became significantly more productive with their work. They also did not feel a sudden crash at the end of the day, which was extremely impressive to see.

By the third week, however, we noticed that the once discernable energy-boost slowly faded. We think that this happened because the users quickly built a tolerance to the caffeine in the product. However, we are happy to tell you that both memory and productivity continued to increase right until the very last day of trials.


Zoned costs $34.99 and contains 30 capsules. The recommended intake is 1 capsule a day, so the bottle would last you an entire month. Considering the quality of the ingredients and the reliability of the company, we think this price is very fair to say the least.


Zoned is a good supplement that can both increase your energy while providing you with a greater mental edge. We like how the company has disclosed all the ingredients in the formula and we are also impressed with the results of the product particularly in the short-term.


Zoned Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 81%
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