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Last Updated: May 16, 2024
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If your thinking process has slowed recently or you’re simply looking to expand your brain function, a nootropic might be just the fix for you. Brain Reload is a mind supplement created to enhance your cognitive abilities, memory, concentration and overall mood.  We were able to find plenty of reviews of Brain Reload on other websites and from seemingly normal and unbiased personal reviews and overall people seem pretty satisfied.


We were unable to find any specific information other than the fact that Brain Reload is manufactured by a company also called Brain Reload in Concord, California, the US.

Marketing Practices

Other than the reviews we found online, we couldn’t really discover any trend in Brain Reload’s marketing practices.


Brain Reload contains the following ingredients:

DMAE is a molecule that turns into acetylcholine, the so-called learning neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter facilitates nerve cells communication and is used to treat ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease.

Choline is a natural ingredient found in meat, eggs, and broccoli for example, and is a direct precursor for acetylcholine, which is one of the neurotransmitters that controls memory formation and a number of other cognitive processes.

Phosphatidylserine is a component of the cell membrane and may reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive dysfunction in certain people.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid that is used to treat depression and ADHD. It is also used to treat depression and chronic pain.

Acetyl L Carnitine is an amino acid that helps the body to produce energy and is used to treat a numerous disorders including memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.


While we were unable to find an exact price for Brain Reload, we did discover that there are 120 capsules in one bottle and that this is enough to last one month.


The ingredients in Brain Reload are well-known and commonly used within the nootropic community. Unfortunately, we were unable to find Brain Reload’s exact website, so we were able to find out how to purchase Brain Reload. However, from what we found online, the supplement might just work for those in need of a mental boost.


Brain Reload Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 74%
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