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Our First Impression

People who suffer from ADD/ADHD are constantly looking for better substitutes to Adderall, and understandably so! Prescribed medications are often too strong, leaving you with headaches and sleeping problems. So it’s no wonder why private supplement companies have boosted in sales over the past decade. With the constantly improving state of technology, new formulas have been designed to effectively increase and retain focus in individuals without stressing the body too much.

If you’re someone who needs extra help to remain concentrated throughout the day, then maybe you’ve considered taking Addium. Addium is a product that, just like Adderall, is recommended to people with ADD/ADHD to help them have greater brain function as well as improved focus.

While looking through their website, we were impressed with their sleek presentation and concise manner of presenting information. The menu tabs along the beginning of the site provide us with the product’s benefits, how it works, testimonials, ingredients and a comparison of the product with other familiar brain supplements. We also loved seeing that the creators of Addium have disclosed information about their ingredients and have presented their customers with the exact mannerism in which the substances will improve our brain function. The best part about their site, however, is that their claims are clear and not overly ambitious. Addium is made to work in three simple steps: Increase energy, which in turn increases focus, which leads to increased brain power.

Over the past years, Addium has gained so much popularity, particularly because of its claim of being the world’s true “Limitless Pill”. In fact, while surfing through Twitter the other day, I found that the official ‘Limitless’ account has tweeted the following:

“Thanks for making us the #1 movie everyone. And thanks to the creators of Addium for the inspiration! #Limitless”

As expected, this tweet got wild on the Internet overnight. Now, we don’t know whether or not the tweet was fake. But what we do know is that students, athletes and even company executives became so intrigued by the success of this product. Some have even referred to it as Viagra for the brain! But why does there seem to be so much hype about Addium? Is it truly effective or are the manufacturers just very clever at marketing their company? Well we’re here to set the record straight. Through extensive research, this review aims to provide you with objective, factual information about Addium. So stay tuned to find out more.


Addium is a solo product, meaning that the manufacturers have dedicated themselves to creating one and one item alone. When we visited the website, we saw that Addium does have a contact number and address – which seems to trace back to Jackson, Wyoming.

We usually like to see that a product has been developed by a well known and familiar company. This way, we can quickly determine the reliability of the product, based on the reputation of said company. However, when it comes to Addium, we have no way of deciding whether or not their manufacturers are a good source of supplements. So we’ll have to depend on customer reviews and their use of ingredients instead.

Marketing Practices

Addium releases its products for sale unto many regular online platforms such as and However, it is not available for purchase in American retail stores such Walgreens, GNC, or CVS. This would’ve been of great benefit to Addium’s sales, but sticking to a strictly online-selling policy is not a big issue.


“Proprietary Blend” 545 mg


  • Tyrosine —Helps the effectiveness of neurotransmitter communication, which in turn promotes mental alertness.
  • GABA — A powerful substance that inhibits neurotransmitters that cause us to get overly excited. This would allow us to maintain focus and not get easily distracted.
  • Bacopa Monnieri —Increases blood flow through the cerebral cortex which allows faster cognitive function.
  • Alpha Gpc — Causes neurotransmitters to retain its function of sending messages effectively. Sometimes, these neural messengers get inhibited or blocked, which reduces our ability to maintain focus. Thankfully, Addium contains ALPHA Gpc.
  • Vinpocetine —Increases the rate of glucose conversion into usable energy, which provides us with alertness and concentration.
  • Huperzine A —Related to acetylcholinesterase, which is an enzyme that inhibits the important acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is imperative to our ability to learn and form and recall memory. So in simpler terms, Huperzine A helps acetylcholine to get its job done!

We were glad to see that unlike many other supplement industries, the manufacturers of Addium have made the right decision of disclosing their ingredients. This is very important for both us as reviewers and for you, customers that want to make a worthwhile purchase. The ingredients listed above are all well recognized to be powerful substances that aid in the overall improvement of brain function. For this reason, we would definitely have to give Addium two big thumbs up!

One thing to notice, however, is that they have listed their ingredients under “Proprietary Blend”. This is a term that allows the company to hide the dosage of each ingredient they’ve included in the blend. So even though Addium contains all these great ingredients, we don’t know if 545mg of each pill is comprised of a balanced mixture of each substance. Well, there was only one way to find out and that’s by seeing results from users who have tested the product. So keep reading to see what outcomes we came across.


As we look at several online reviews, we were glad to find that the majority of users have been pleased with their choice of buying Addium as a brain supplement. On, the overall ratings came down to 3.6 out of 5 stars. This is quite high, particularly because a lot of reviews online may not come from a verified purchase; meaning opposing companies may hire people to purposely write negative evaluations of other products.

One customer who suffers from ADHD has suggested that switching from Adderall to Addium has been one of the best decisions of their life. Adderall comes with a lot of negative side effects such as headaches, trouble sleeping, nausea, and more – and judging from the lack of complaints about Addium’s side effects, the product seems to have successfully worked without bringing bad secondary outcomes. This customer is a college law student who often has trouble keeping up with all the reading she has to do. Thanks to Addium, she has managed to stay for hours on end in the library studying and reading away.

Another online review pointed out the effects of Addium in terms of being an energy booster. As the pills do have ingredients that act as stimulants, its no wonder that taking one of these bad boys in the morning will leave you filled with vitality for the rest of the day. The review clearly mentions how having more energy has allowed for a more productive day; for instance, going to the gym after work instead of snoozing off on the coach with your hand left in a bag of potato chips.

Other Reviews

“I’m able to process and understand information faster than ever before. Addium has improved my critical thinking and helped me ignore everyday distractions. Addium is truly the real life “Limitless Pill”! ­
– John Michaels

“I admit, I was really anxious to try this product. I had read a few reviews from websites and thought it may be something that either worked really well or not at all. luckily, after my second day I notice that it works surprisingly well to me. I was a little disappointed at the cost on Amazon as opposed to the main addium website but I can live with that. I recommend for anyone who constantly will procrastinate on doing things around the house or at work because it will give you the energy and somehow the motivation to get it done. You don’t have to believe me but it really works.”
– Terry Hood

“After listening to Joe Rogan i gave Addium a trial & i found, i am calmer under pressure (takes away my usual aggressive edge), more able to process multi-tasking objectives, can construct a flow with the complex linguistic patterns in my studies (NLP & Hypnosis) as i write, which is usually extremely difficult for me and my dreams are indeed clear, lucid & recallable.”
– C. Saiteja



Each bottle of Addium contains 30 pills and comes at a price of $39.95. This falls under the less expensive spectrum of brain supplement prices, which is a great benefit. Addium also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This is something that we expect of supplement companies because it easily tells us whether or not they are confident about the quality of their product. So when it comes to cost, Addium gets another golden star from us.



Addium is a substitute to Adderall that aims to work by increasing our body’s energy and thus increasing focus. As simple as it seems, this is actually what brain supplements strive to do. By looking at online reviews and verified testimonials, we can see that the product does work at improving both long and short-term concentration. We are also impressed with the creator’s decision to tell us what they’ve included in their product, thus allowing us to make a proper evaluation on the value of the pills. Lastly, the cost of the product is also quite affordable at only a bit over $1 a day. So don’t be scared to make a purchase if you’re someone who needs a bit of help with maintaining energy throughout the day to stay productive and concentrated.







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