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Last Updated: September 14, 2023
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BioGreen Labs Memory & Focus Review: A Product With A Solid But Mild Formula

Our First Impressions

So here’s another dietary supplement that not only helps to boost cognitive function but can also serve to improve overall health by lowering stress and enhancing mood. BioGreen Labs claims that this cognitive enhancer’s formula combines both natural herbs from “ancient civilizations” and modern compounds with the latest edge. Will Memory & Focus be another junk product or can it actually impress us by delivering good results?


BioGreen Labs claims to use high quality ingredients in all of their supplements, while paying attention not to add any fillers or additives. They have a small range of products available including a colon detox, weight-management supplement, a libido booster for men & women and of course, a cognitive enhancer. Most of their products have received satisfactory to good reviews, which tells us that the company does have a few fans out there.


Take a look at the ingredients packed into each Memory & Focus capsule:


Let’s start off with the 50 mg of Ginkgo Biloba. Not a bad choice – many nootropic users rely on ginkgo biloba as a natural cognitive enhancer. It’s a herb as old as time and has been used over the centuries to promote better blood flow throughout the body. Ginkgo mostly helps with focus although certain users have experienced increased memory capacity after taking the supplement for longer periods of time.

The Memory & Focus formula also contains N-Acetyl-L Carnitine (NALT), which may reduce anxiety and help you to concentrate for longer periods of time. NALT is an ingredient often accompanied by caffeine anhydrous (because they compliment each other so well!), although that is not applicable in this case.

We’re also quite happy to see two of our favorite nootropics in the market, Vinpocetine and Huperzine A. These two work well to boost memory, concentration and may protect the brain against cognitive decline. Since Vinpocetine works by increasing blood flow to the brain, we have found that it is imperative to add a choline source to avoid unwanted side effects. Since Memory & Focus does not include choline, we would recommend that you purchase a separate choline supplement.

Uh-oh! So it turns out that Memory & Focus is another one of those supplements that still contains DMAE in the mix. DMAE works well to boost cognitive function but the FDA has announced that long-term use of the substance may lead to brain cell death. Now that doesn’t sound fun!


Since most of the ingredients in BioGreen Labs Memory & Focus’ formula are good picks, we don’t doubt that the product can outshine some of the other trashy products we’ve discovered in the past. During the first week of testing, our members saw an improvement in focus and concentration. We were able to stay on task and lay off the distractions for quite a few hours before the effects wore off. By the second week, however, our users no longer felt such significant results. Perhaps this suggests that the effects were a result of placebo.

Other Reviews

After looking through the consumer reviews online, we were surprised to see such a large amount of positive reviews available. Seriously, though, 89% of all the reviews on has rated the product 5 out of 5 stars. Even the best supplement we’ve found to date doesn’t rank that well, and that’s because each person can have a different reaction to the same set of ingredients. Here are a few that we’ve picked out to give you a better idea of what Memory & Focus can do:

“No matter how many all nighter I pull, I won’t lose concentration at work during the next day. It’s all because of this. This keeps me sane and clear minded despite the many caffeine in my blood because of coffee. One time, I suddenly had to prepare a sales report without prior notice. I crammed alright but I was focused while doing it. I submitted a more than decent report. Bosses are happy and so am I.” – Melinda Wheeler on

“Although I wasn’t able to find any difference with the way I process things, I mean, it was okay but it didn’t improve. One thing to take note of was that I find it easier to focus now than before. I don’t get distracted or anything. This supplement is alright, I guess, just lacking on the fast processing of information kind of stuff. It must be different on each person.” – brandonreed on

“I purchased this product becuase of all of the high rates it received, but after finishing the first bottle I have not noticed any difference. I will not purchase again!” – Dr Khalil on


On, each bottle of Memory & Focus is sold for $23.77. The recommended dose is 1 capsule per day, so the bottle should last an average person around a month. This price is lower than that of most supplements so we would like to praise BioGreen Labs for making an affordable cognitive enhancer!


When we first encountered BioGreen Labs Memory & Focus, we were happy to see that it includes such great ingredients in the formula. Vinpocetine, Huperzine A and Ginkgo Biloba are all examples of effective cognitive enhancing compounds that increase blood flow to the brain and therefore encourage higher levels of focus. Two other positives about the product are the price and the fact that it did not lead to any adverse side effects (at least for us!).

Some consumers online commented on how quickly the product worked to induce concentration, while others found no such luck. During our experiment with the product, however, we discovered that the results we saw didn’t last in the long-term. This could’ve happened from 1 out of 3 potential reasons: 1. We are experienced nootropic users that needed a stronger formula, 2. The results occurred due to a placebo effect or 3. We didn’t test the product for long enough. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint which one out of these three possible reasons took place, we do hope that you find more luck than we did if you decide to purchase BioGreen Labs Memory & Focus.

BioGreen Labs Memory & Focus Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 75.5%
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