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Last Updated: May 16, 2024
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Phenibut XT Review: An Effective Mood Enhancer & Anxiety Reducer 

Our First Impressions

From time to time, life can get a little out of hand, which leads to high levels of stress, fatigue and oftentimes even sleeplessness. During these types of situations, many turn to supplements such as Phenibut XT in hope to reduce anxiety and enhance mood. We found out about this product through a friend’s recommendation, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see some high quality action going on here. To find out whether Phenibut XT is as effective as it claims to be, stay tuned.


Phenibut XT is created by SNS (Serious Nutrition Solutions), a supplement company that has grown quite large since their opening. The company is mostly fitness based, but it does offer products that help with energy, sleep and overall health. We have only heard good things about SNS and their exceptional customer service, so we definitely don’t have any kind of skepticism or negative opinions at this point.


Phenibut XT solely consists of one ingredient – Phenibut, which is a compound discovered by the Russians in 1960’s as an anxiety reliever. Phenibut can be used to help with insomnia, improve social interactions (for those who suffer from social anxiety), enhance mood and even boost cognitive function in terms of mental alertness and focus. Interestingly enough, some customers have used Phenibut to boost sex drive, since the ingredient works primarily by calming one’s nerves. Most members in the office have tried Phenibut before only to find good results.


Phenibut XT is a good branded version of the substance Phenibut. It works very effectively to reduce anxiety, leaving you feeling calmer and more relaxed in a gradual manner. It is important to stay within the dosage recommended by the manufacturers; going over the recommended dose can lead to sedation and other unwanted side effects.

Other Reviews

“takes a while to kick in(4 to 6 hours) .
Start off with a low dosage and see what is right for you.
Personally I feel great,relaxed,talkative and calm with 2 grams.
Motivation kicks in and
Excellent for sleep too!
Been taking for 6 months almost daily and so far it is wonderful.” – LeNz on

“Product still worked as it should even though some pills were half full…. Very big noticeable difference in fill.” – Joey on

“This is true Phenibut. It has the unmistakable taste of the real thing. If you want to try Phenibut or make sure that you are getting the real thing, then this brand is it. The only downside is the cost. I miss the old days (a few years ago) when you could buy bulk phenibut in amounts up to 500gms.” – BigBud120 on


If you are interested in buying Phenibut XT, know that it is available for online purchasing via for $32.95/bottle (90 capsules). Dosages vary depending on the purpose of using the product. For instance, the manufacturers have suggested for you to take 1-2 capsules two hours before bedtime to treat sleeplessness. Meanwhile, 1 capsule should be taken 2-3 times per day to treat mild anxiety. To receive Phenibut’s nootropic effects, you are recommended to take 1-3 capsules per day. On average, the bottle should last for about a month.

Keep in mind that your intake of Phenibut should be cycled. This is done to prevent tolerance buildup and to ensure that you’re receiving the product’s full effects. For anxiety, you should take the product for two weeks before taking a two-week break.


Phenibut XT is undoubtedly a good anxiety relief product. If you do suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety then this is the product to go for. It works quite instantly to produce a calming effect without causing drowsiness or grogginess. The product is also helpful for those who suffer from insomnia – take 1-2 capsules a few hours before bedtime to feel the effects kick in. If you decide to buy the product, please take note that you are recommended to cycle your use (two weeks on followed by two weeks off). The only complaint we have about the product is the price tag – $32.95 is quite expensive for a month’s supply of Phenibut. Otherwise, keep up the great work SNS!


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