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Intelectol Review: Branded Vinpocetine

Our First Impressions

Intelectol is a branded version of the nootropic compound Vinpocetine. If you’re already on nootropics or have been doing your homework to research about nootropics then there’s a solid chance that you’ve come across Vinpocetine. According to the manufacturers, Memory Secret, their product Intelectol can help to enhance memory, focus and mental alertness. We do wonder whether Intelectol’s super simple formulation can beat that of say, Lumonol’s, which contains a much wider variety of potent nootropics. After reading this review, you will have a clear idea of who produces Intelectol, what the product contains, whether the product can deliver results, whether it comes with any side effects and of course, the cost.


Memory Secret started in 2002 as a supplement company in Miami, Florida. They are not very well-known, but that does not whatsoever imply that they are unreliable. In addition to creating Intelectol, Memory Secret has also helped bigger supplement companies to license their formulas. While they do not have an official website, you can contact Memory Secret via telephone at +1 866-673-2738.


Each Intelectol tablet consists of 5 mg of Vinpocetine. The manufacturer, Memory Secret, claims that they have used the purest form of Vinpocetine available, although they have not been clear on what leads to this process of further purification. In general, however, Vinpocetine works by stimulating greater blood flow to the brain, which leads to better focus and concentration abilities. Vinpocetine has also been shown to support brain health by regulating blood vessels in the brain. More specifically, it stops the enzyme phosphodiesterase and allows further flow of oxygen-rich blood into the brain. Vinpocetine may also increase the production of key learning neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which helps with processes such as understanding and retaining information.


Vinpocetine has been shown to improve focus and memory, and in our experience the ingredient typically works quite well. However, pairing Vinpocetine with other nootropics would create a much more effective formula. For this reason, we recommend for you to stack Intelectol with other nootropic supplements to get optimal results.

Other Reviews

Unfortunately could barely find any consumer reviews online. Most nootropic supplements are discussed by customers around the globe for its effectiveness, side effects and cost. This makes it easier for future customers to evaluate whether they think said product is suitable for them. Since Intelectol has not been discussed by users, there is a greater risk of buying the product.


A single Intelectol pack comes with 50 tablets and costs $15.99. The recommended dose is somewhere between 2-3 tablets a day (1 tablet, 2-3 times a day), so the package should last an average person around half a month. Quite expensive for a single-ingredient supplement…


Vinpocetine is a great nootropic ingredient that increases blood flow to the brain, which may lead to improved focus and memory. That being said, there are better ways to find results when taking Vinpocetine and that’s by stacking it with other complimentary nootropics. Pairing Vinpocetine with Huperzine A or Noopept, for instance, creates a much more potent formula that would work quickly to improve concentration abilities. The positive side to Intelectol is that it contains one, well-researched ingredient, which does not typically cause side effects.

In summary, since Intelectol’s formula is certainly not strong enough for advanced nootropic users, we believe that it may be a good product for those who are brand new to the nootropic industry and just want to test out something light. Be wary of the price tag, though!

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