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Last Updated: September 14, 2023
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TruBrain Review: Made by Doctors and PhDs, but Priced Accordingly

Our First Impressions

TruBrain is unlike many other nootropics in that it has strong backing from real doctors, scientists, lecturers, and other neurological experts. Interestingly, this team of high-profile academics has come up with two varieties of its formula and sells each for a hefty price. TruBrain’s presentation is professional, fitting of its headquarters in Los Angeles. The formula is solid, featuring the powerful substance piracetam. Overall, TruBrain is a good choice for those interested in a nootropic that works, even though the price is quite high.


TruBrain’s manufacturer is unknown, as the website only mentions the marketing end of the business. There is an address listed in Santa Monica, CA, as well as a phone number and an email address. Not much else is known about where TruBrain is actually produced, but we assume they have access to a GMP certified lab. The packaging for the Think Drink is slick, and the pill format is also presented in a unique manner. Because of the way TruBrain is manufactured, it requires some proprietary packaging that has been specially designed for TruBrain. Overall, we felt good opening the box of pills, akin to opening an Apple product like the iPhone. It is elegant, and the packaging is as attractive as the product itself.

Marketing Practices

Overall, the marketing practices of TruBrain are solid and blameless. They have done a good job protecting their product, and have reserved selling it through their own website, in the form of a subscription model. TruBrain has included information on each of the members of their team, including doctors and researchers. There are some prestigious people listed here, and many of them seem to be an active part of the marketing team. One of the issues we had with the marketing of TruBrain is the fact that customers have to buy into a subscription model for this product to make sense to buy. Forcing the customer to purchase this way is questionable, and it seems that TruBrain is now offering a trial pack, despite the fact that the trial pack is not enough for people to find out if it works for them or not. One of the partners of the firm recently published a post showing that people could make their own stacks based on TruBrain for far cheaper. We’re not sure this is helping the marketing effort either. However, despite these things, TruBrain is a professionally made and marketed product.


The ingredients are based on the inclusion of 2.4 grams of piracetam, the well-researched, powerful nootropic substance. Piracetam has been shown to greatly enhance cognitive abilities, without the side effects of a prescription medication like Adderall. TruBrain contains piracetam as well as other nootropic ingredients such as ALCAR, DHA, magnesium, CDP choline, and theanine (usually found in green tea). These ingredients together are good at providing a healthy dose of nootropic goodness to the brain. One of the things missing from TruBrain is any sort of stimulant to potentiate the ingredients of the supplement.


Taking TruBrain for a week yielded minor improvements in cognitive activity, but after a month of taking it, our panelists were able to tell a difference from the supplement. The AM pack and the PM pack are effective at providing all-day boosts in alertness, focus, and memory. This clear demarcation of the pill packs makes it easy to manage exactly when to take each set of pills. This means that you are, in effect, receiving two separate supplement stacks – one that is best for the body in the morning, and one that is best for the body in the afternoon and evening. The boost packs were also effective at helping our panelists in the extra-hours work. TruBrain is definitely a quality nootropic supplement that helps with all areas of cognition.

Other Reviews

This is an important section as it solidified some of our own ideas about this supplement. Some users had lucid dreams. Others had boosts to productivity and positive mood. Many people noted that each of the packs of the Loading Phase were not individually labeled, so people were not sure what exactly it was they were taking. A final issue is that TruBrain should not be taken with alcohol. With the strict regiment for taking TruBrain throughout the week, it is difficult to stop taking it for a party. This can make nights a bit more boring. But hey, it is a nootropic, not ecstasy.


Out of all the elements of this review, this one is the most difficult to get around. TruBrain is expensive. Did you get that? TruBrain is expensive. How expensive? Try $125.00 for a one-month supply. We understand if you are a well-paid executive, professor, or surgeon who is looking for a new nootropic, but for many young professionals, $125.00 / month is a lot of money. According to TruBrain’s own admissions, TruBrain is expensive, but the money goes for further R&D. We doubt this, as it seems the only innovation has been in the packaging for the Think Drink. There is no new formula or other breakthrough in the science of the supplement – just more money for the large team of marketers working for TruBrain. TruBrain has a right to charge whatever they want, but smart consumers will see that re-creating a stack based on TruBrain is easy and cheap. TruBrain’s own people admit that the main selling point of TruBrain is convenience, not anything else.


TruBrain has powerful nootropic substances, including piracetam, but this comes at a huge price. There is no guarantee that the product works and the return policy is a vague pro-rated return of some payment. The monthly subscription is odd, and many consumers will be turned off by this. TruBrain is trying to make the product exclusive, but serious nootropic consumers know better. For the price, there are better, equally as convenient supplements out there that contain piracetam or noopept (1000x more powerful than piracetam) To get better idea about Trubrain visit

TruBrain Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 86%
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