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Last Updated: May 11, 2023
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Pure Mental Focus Review: Nearly $100 For A Month’s Supply

Our First Impressions

So you get home from work everyday feeling disappointed with yourself because you allowed lethargy and laziness take the better of you and hinder productivity. Another day goes by and you’ve managed to waste it yet again ­by not taking that step towards reaching your goals. Sounds like you need a little bit of a brain booster. Since there are hundreds of cognitive enhancing supplements to choose from, it’s understandable how the process can get a little confusing and tiring. Which ingredients actually work? Will a product come with any side effects I don’t know about? Thankfully you have us here to guide you through it. Today we will discuss a supplement we’ve recently come across – Pure Mental Focus.

Pure Mental Focus by Purely Stacked is a nootropic supplement designed for all of us who struggle with constant mental fatigue, laziness and lack of focus. We were very impressed by the company’s advertisement video, which can be found on the home page. The use of simple graphics and a strong pitch voice-over was definitely a smart idea. We can only hope that the manufacturers were just as smart when it comes to the product’s formula. This review will aim to answer all the questions you have in mind i.e. Who makes this product and are they reliable? What ingredients are in the product and do they work? Is the product safe to use? What’s the price tag like? Is Pure Mental Focus worth the buy? So if you’re interested in Pure Mental Focus and would like to know more, let us help you get there.


Although Purely Stacked is not the most well-known of all the supplement companies out there, we respect the fact that they have strong integrity. Clearly written on their site is their mission and promise to “provide quality care and service to you.” So if you have any questions concerning their products or would like to contact them to report a complaint, you can do so via e-mail, telephone or regular mail. All their products have also been manufactured in a GMP certified, FDA registered lab in the U.S., which tells that they’re not messing around.


Pure Mental Focus’ formula is available on the company’s official website. The manufacturers have also made sure to include the dosages of each ingredient to let us customers know that there’s absolutely nothing to hide.

Here’s what they have in store: L-Tyrosine (800 mg), L-Phenylalanine (300 mg), Taurine (100 mg), Grape Seed Extract (80 mg), Potassium Ascorbate (60 mg), DMAE (60 mg), Ginkgo Biloba Extract (40 mg), CoQ10 (10 mg). Let’s go over some of the main features here…

L-Tyrosine is a great compound that many use as a nootropic for its ability to reduce stress and fight fatigue. Anxiety and tiredness are two of the main reasons why you’ve been unmotivated all this time. By clearing up the mind from negative, worrisome thoughts and by boosting mental energy, you will have better abilities to focus and stay on task. The main problem with L-Tyrosine, however, is that it has been reported to cause side effects such as headaches, migraines and upset stomachs. If you use Pure Mental Focus and experience these downsides then we recommend that you discontinue use. Please note that L-Tyrosine is also not suitable for use by those who suffer from hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease.

Another ingredient that caught our attention from the list is Ginkgo Biloba Extract (40 mg). Ginkgo works well to boost mental function because it stimulates blood flow. From beginner to advanced users, everyone who’s into cognitive enhancing supplements has given this baby a try. According to Examine.com, the minimum dosage of Ginkgo Biloba that you should take in order to see effects is 120 mg/day. Based on this information you would need to take 3 servings of Pure Mental Focus daily to experience results, but the label on the bottle clearly states that you are recommended to take 1-2 capsules once or twice daily.


Overall, Pure Mental Focus worked pretty well in terms of delivery. During the first week of trial, our members outlined their experience with the product and said that it worked to reduce brain fog and support concentration. Although the results weren’t super prominent, they were definitely there. Fortunately, none of our team members experienced any harsh side effects but this certainly was not the case for some of the customers who wrote on Amazon.com. Take a look below…

Other Reviews

“Pretty good. Watch out if you take other pills that has caffeine in it – you’re going to “crash”.
Update: Had to return it. Started giving unbearable Headaches.” – ZH on Amazon.com

“This product works – at least for myself. Take it on an empty stomach with little hot liquid. I noticed my ability to communicate effectively increased in about an hour after taking it.” – jfson on Amazon.com

“I often feel tired and just plain blahh. I was really hoping this product was going to break me out of my funk I am often in, but I feel this product didn’t work too well for me. It did give me a little bit more energy but taking it on an empty stomach did not sit well with me and often made me feel nauseous. After I ate something I felt better. I was really hoping it would work better but I understand not every supplement works for everyone.” – Kayla Hyde on Amazon.com


Each Pure Mental Focus bottle contains 90 capsules and is sold for $49.99, which may seem like a pretty good deal at first. However, you are meant to take 2 capsules twice a day, meaning the bottle will last half a month (15 days). In order to get an entire month’s supply, you would need to cough up nearly $100, which is quite pricey for a regular cognitive boosting supplement.


Pure Mental Focus is a cognitive booster that has worked on many to improve focus, enhance mental clarity and boost mood. The ingredients list is good but the company has included DMAE in the formula, which is a compound that the FDA has banned as of late. Our members did see results while using Pure Mental Focus, meaning the product could work for you too. Some online reviews do outline the side effects that come with the supplement, such as nausea and migraines. This may be due to the L-Tyrosine in the formula. If you’re willing to fork out nearly $100 per month for a cognitive booster then don’t hesitate to place an order. But if that’s not the case then keep calm and check out more affordable cognitive supplements here.

Pure Mental Focus Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 79%
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