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Last Updated: April 11, 2024
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Brain Candy

Our First Impression

Brain Candy is a shot that provides both a boost of energy as well as cognitive benefits. We were interested to review this product because it’s the only drink known to include many nootropics. Even though most people are used to taking nootropics in capsule form, perhaps some prefer drinking a shot. So how does this drink compare to other nootropic supplements in the market? Is Brain Candy as sweet as the name suggests it to be? Keep reading to find out.

Brain Candy is produced by Biotest – a British corporation focused on fitness-related supplements (such as fat loss formulas and protein powders). Their most unique product, however, is Brain Candy because it includes a wonder-stack of esteemed nootropics.

Marketing Practices
The product is available for purchase on Biotest’s official site or on


  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 40mg
  • Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 1mg
  • “Proprietary Blend” 4500mg includes:
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine


CDP Choline



  • Caffeine Anhydrous 300mg


Key ingredients:

Caffeine: An incredible 300mg of the world’s favorite nootropic has been included in this product. Just to give you a better idea of how much this quantity truly is, 300 mg is equal to 3 espresso shots. It’s no wonder that you would feel more alert and energized after taking 3 espresso shots.

DMAE: DMAE has been banned in the U.S., Canada and Australia by the FDA because it is capable of causing brain cell damage in the long-term.

Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR): ALCAR is capable of crossing the brain-blood barrier, which allows it to be an effective cognitive enhancer. Not only does ALCAR diminish chronic fatigue, it also works with our “learning” neurotransmitter – acetylcholine.  As a result, cognitive functions such as learning and memory are improved.

CDP Choline: CDP Choline is one of the best (and most expensive!) versions of choline available. It works by increasing production of acetylcholine, which allows better neural communication and easier formation of new memories.

L-Tyrosine: Works by targeting our adrenal glands and regulating hormone production. The results are reduced anxiety levels and enhanced overall mood.


We tried Brain Candy for about 2 weeks before discontinuing use. The reason? We built a tolerance quite quickly with the product and soon it became nothing but an energy shot. At least that’s how it was for 3 out of the 5 testers. For the next 6 days, we did notice improvement in terms of focus and memory recall. Even though we wondered whether or not it was merely a placebo effect, we didn’t mind because the point was that it did work. However, the ‘buzz’ that impressed us for the first week turned out to be nothing but a temporary caffeine-high.

Don’t get us wrong – providing an energy boost was completely necessary in order to keep us working and remain productive for the rest of the day. While some enjoy this ‘kick’ however, others prefer a more gradual release of energy.

Other Reviews

“To preface I am not on any weird meds and took on an empty stomach with no food ingestion for 15-20 min afterwards. I tried it for 3 days straight as well. Heres what I found:

1.) A decrease in hunger, when I ate breakfast I was noticeable more “nauseous” (not the correct term) but I just couldn’t eat like I normally do.

2.) I felt like I had a ‘brain cloud’ all day, I just didn’t feel right all three days. From other reviews I thought I would feel this zen like feel, I actually felt better the days I didn’t take it.

3.) I also noticed a crash around 1 pm (I took it at 5:30 am)and needed some caffeine around then, definitely did not make me eager to train or anything like that (although its not supposed too)

4.) I noticed no increase in mood, confidence,(don’t really have a problem with that) or general ‘feel good’ feeling.

I did notice an increased sense of concentration while taking it, but the way I felt for the majority of the day way outweighed in a bad way the increase in concentration.

Now I am not going to say stay away or bash this supplement, I think Biotest makes great supplements but this is my honest review of what I felt. I guess I just don’t do well with no-tropics. I might also not tolerate caffeine as well as I thought, so if they come out with the caffeine free version I might give it a try.”

– ndiddy on



Brain Candy offers one pack of 16 shots for a cost of $36.00. If you take a shot per day, then a month’s would cost you around $70.00.



Although Brain Candy has its perks, we personally don’t agree that it is sold at such an expensive price. The shots do work as a cognitive enhancer for the first few days but tolerance quickly builds and we realized that Brain Candy works more effectively in terms of being an energy booster. There are many customers that have been pleased with their purchase and don’t mind buying more, but please be aware that it is a not product that is meant to bring you wonders.



Brain Candy Reviewed by Brain Ehancement Advisor. Rating: 83%
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