3 Nootropics That You’re Not Taking And Why You’re Missing Out

If you’re a thriving entrepreneur, a busy uni student, a fitness fanatic, or even a stressed out stay-at-home mom, best-case scenario is you already own a few nootropic stacks in your kitchen pantry. If that’s not the case then just be grateful that you landed on this blog because we’re about to point out the top 3 nootropics that you haven’t been taking and why you’re missing out big time. These nootropics will not only make you feel more refreshed and motivated on those dull Monday mornings, but they will also improve your overall sense of well-being. Taking these 3 nootropic supplements together or even separately will the best decision you’ve made towards achieving whichever goals you may have.

  1. Choline


In 1998, the NAS (National Academy of Sciences) declared choline to be one of the required nutrients that we should be consuming everyday to support good health. Since most of us are obsessed with getting our essential Vitamin C and Vitamin D dosages, smaller but equally as important nutrients such as choline tend to be forgotten. Ignoring choline intake, however, would be the first step toward worsened brain performance. That’s because choline aids with the process of methylation, which neurotransmitter communication in the brain depends on.

The presence of choline in supplement products also helps with the absorption of other ingredients, which basically ensures that you’re getting all the results you should. Choline can additionally help to prevent potential side effects such as headaches, which can be quite common when taking cognitive enhancing supplements.

  1. L-Theanine


L-Theanine is great because it can calm your nerves and basically put you in a more zen state of mind – perfect to tackle through the day’s problems and still feel motivated. This amino acid can be found in Green tea naturally, but supplement companies have been clever enough to offer this nootropic as part of their product formulations. We would only hype up a supplement this much after seeing such impressive results, and with L-Theanine that has certainly been the case.

  1. Noopept


Up top on number 1 is the super-nootropic Noopept. Capable of boosting memory, enhancing learning abilities, improving focus, bettering mood, Noopept is the most well-rounded supplement you will ever come across. Not only is it 1000x more potent than the well-known cognitive enhancer Piracetam, but it is also capable of providing results that stay for the long time coming.

Noopept has 2 primary mechanisms of action. One – it boosts acetylcholine production in the brain, meaning your ability to process, understand and analyze information will improve. Two – it increases BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) production, which leads to enhanced spatial memory capacity. This would make you actually remember where you parked your car at the shopping mall parking lot.

Additionally, Noopept users have seen mood boosting benefits, particularly in relation to motivation. This basically means that taking Noopept will give you that ‘let’s get things done’ attitude and keep you productive throughout your days. That’s because Noopept affects the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain, both of which are involved in mood regulation and feelings of pleasure.

You are recommend to take between 10-30 mg of Noopept twice to three times a day to get optimal results. Noopept can easily be purchased in powder form, but through our personal experience, the best and freshest source of Noopept can be found in esteemed nootropic products such as Lumonol. After seeing such spectacular results with Lumonol in terms of memory and focus, we don’t doubt that they’ve packed in only the highest quality of Noopept available. It would be a mistake to turn down a grand product such as Lumonol, mostly due to the 15 mg of Noopept packed into each capsule. Not only that, but Lumonol also contains all two of the previously mentioned ingredients. Stop missing out on one of the things that can turn your life for the better – read more about Lumonol here and get yourself a bottle already.