3 Mind-Blowing Ways Our Subconscious Controls Our Actions

We’ve been led to believe that our actions are always a result of our decisions. If something happens of our doing, it’s because we decided to do it, and then actioned it. This is not true. While there are things that we can consciously control, 90% of our bodily functions are actually controlled subconsciously. Think about it, before you started consciously controlling your breathing (which is around right now), you were still breathing – you just didn’t know it. This is the work of our subconscious.

Despite us thinking that a lot of our actions are determined by ourselves, our minds are really a collection of billions of connections constantly wiring and rewiring, adapting to every situation presented to us, without us even knowing about it.

Think about it as autopilot, or that 90% of our lives are really just a series of events unfolding in front of us – and for most of the time, we aren’t even watching or taking notice. So with this in mind – forget just breathing or blinking our eyes – are there serious situations where we are being controlled by our subconscious minds?

  1. Happiness and Positivity
    Our levels of happiness and positivity directly influence the workings of our everyday life. For example, positive people are tend to use more positive words in speech and writing, as well as positive body language. They are more confident. On the other hand, negative people use negative words more, are less confident, and show negative body language. The thing is, we aren’t even aware it’s happening. We’re not aware of the words coming out of our mouths, and how they are a direct result of our subconscious adapting to our emotions and outlooks.
  2. Risk-taking
    Another thing controlled by our subconscious mind is our reluctance or our propensity on taking risks. When faced with an opportunity to do something, depending on how our subconscious has been trained, and due to the influence of past experiences, we may be more or less willing to take risks. Our ability to decide and weigh the opportunity vs the risks in situations are decided by our subconscious.
  3. Good and Bad Habits
    Another thing where our subconscious takes control over our lives is in the good and bad habits that we demonstrate every day. These are the little things about us. Our habits, such as working out, eating healthy, reading for self-development, getting enough sleep, are all dependent on our subconscious. Our subconscious plants an idea in our heads (to go to gym), and it is our conscious mind that makes the decision to reinforce that idea or not. The more we tend to, the more good habits we develop. The more we don’t, the more our subconscious starts leaning the other way.

What can we do about all of this? Well, it might be worth it to start paying attention, and start reinforcing the behaviors we deem good. If our subconscious suggest us to do something bad, we don’t do it; and when our subconscious suggests something good for us, we act on it. Start taking action today, and you’ll find that with enough training, your subconscious will adapt, and start suggesting things that are the best for you.