4 Tips for the Student with ADHD to Make College Life Easier

Because of the very nature of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, students with ADHD might face serious problems. Around 4% of all students are affected with ADHD, which is a really alarming number. Being able to socialize might be a problem. Focus is not easily maintained, especially when the skills to maintain focus have not been mastered yet. Hyperactivity might cause disruption in the classroom setting. Add the constant flow of assignments into the mix, and there you have it – there are so many problems a student with ADHD might run into during college.

However, college is an awesome experience if you’re able to hand it well, and not to worry – you aren’t the first person with ADHD to have to go through all of this. Here are a few tips that might just make your time in college easier:

  1. Write notes. It’s always a good idea to write notes during class. There are so many things that are covered in the book that you probably won’t have what it takes to read chapters and chapters on the same topic. When in class, try to listen to the key points and write them down. This way, when exams come around, you’ll only have a few pages to revise.
  2. Set daily and weekly goals. Plan according to your assignments, projects, and deadlines. Record things that you have to do in a planner or your smartphone, and always strive to reach your goals. Don’t set it for later. Most students already have a problem with procrastination – add the fact that you have a lack of focus and a lower attention span, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.
  3. Create your own study strategy. Studying with your friends or in ways similar to your friends might not work. Everyone’s got their own way of studying, and it’ll be best to try to figure yours’ out as quickly as possible. A popular way to study when you have ADHD is to study in increments; you don’t have to commit a lot of time, and you don’t have to spend hours reading boring page upon page. The sooner you realize a strategy that works for you, the easier it’ll be to breeze through finals week.
  4. Exercise. So many studies suggest the benefit of exercise to the brain, and how it’s also helpful for ADHD. Whenever you need a time out from studying, hit the gym for a while! You’re not only building up muscles, but also strengthening your brain’s cognitive abilities. In addition to this, your attention increases, and so does your mood.