5 Jobs Suited for the Modern ADHD Sufferer

There will always be certain challenges to a person with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). If you had difficulty in the classroom paying attention to your teacher and passing tests, you might have a difficult time in the workplace as well. A person characterized with ADHD often demonstrates symptoms of restlessness, being disorganized, and not having the ability to focus. All of these symptoms might not prove to be useful in the workplace. While many children grow out of ADHD, at least 6 out of 10 sufferers still maintain symptoms into adulthood.

However, when you look around you, there are so many people with ADHD who do have a job. Some people are definitely able to cope with expectations at work, and this is usually made better with people who make informative decisions on jobs that they will be able to do.

Here’s a list of jobs a person with ADHD might have success in:

  1. Police Officers/ Firefighters: A job in the force is a busy job. No two days are spent the same, and that might be great ideas for those who suffer from ADHD. Routine jobs can become difficult or boring for sufferers, so here’s one in which your work environment is a dynamic one.
  2. Salesperson: More towards those ADHD sufferers who are hyperactive and enjoy talking, having a job in sales might be a great idea! If you’re able to channel your energy into positive, natural conversation with other people in which you’re simply convincing them to buy something, this might be an awesome job. In fact, I know of at least one person with ADHD in the office who I mentioned should’ve been working in sales.
  3. Artists and Entertainers: If you have at least some bit of creative talent in you, the entertainment industry, although a challenging one to pursue, might be the best place to channel all your creative energy into. Although most people will see their tedious efforts go to waste on this one, an ADHD sufferer might have the extra boost they need to drive through into fame and glory.
  4. Entrepreneurs: Aside from having game-changing ideas, entrepreneurs have been known to be people with incredible determination, lots of energy, and a blood-thirsty desire to succeed. ADHD sufferers will find joy in the fact that they are their own boss. Also, while having focus might be problems, the focus and drive to succeed might be great enough to overcome those problems – especially when we’re talking about the success of your own business.
  5. Construction Workers: For those who like to get physical and enjoys the feeling of a hard day’s work, the construction business might just be the job for you. It’s one that changes frequently, but still provides clear deadlines. When a job is done, another one is waiting. The only thing that might pose a problem is if the ADHD sufferer has problems with authority. Nevertheless, this is a great job to get into. Plus, it’ll keep you in shape!