Are Silicon Valley’s Top Tech Geniuses Taking Intelligence Enhancing Drugs?

Leading nootropics research group Brain Enhancement Advisor reveals the top selling brainpower optimizing “smart pills” some of the brightest tech industry leaders use to stay ahead in an industry that constantly requires sharp focus and quick decision making – and a cutthroat competitiveness that drives over-achievers to look for any edge possible including using breakthrough substances such as Lumonol, and Adderall.

Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA
As 2015’s second quarter closes, and eager and uneasy IT professionals await their Q2 P&L reports, these same executives seem to also be keeping a close eye on the latest top nootropics reviews from trusted reviewer “Brain Enhancement Advisor” and its editor-in-chief, Susan Clarke. “It always seems that as quarterly reports come out we see a real spike in our readership. Top executives look for any advantage possible,” says Clark whose team reviews and rates the best nootropics, also referred to as –“Limitless Pills,” which aim to increase memory, enhance focus and concentration and boost alertness.

Nootropics have been around for decades, but only recently have attracted attention from mainstream media since 2011’s popular movie Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper as a down and out writer, unable to get his work or home life together until he happens upon an IQ boosting super pill that propels him to writing an entire book in 4 days, and making millions as a stock trader able to see market trends before anyone else! But it’s not only Wall Street and Silicon Valley icons who are pushing nootropics use to the forefront of the supplement industry that has seen everything from electro cranial stimulation, to memory enhancing supplements, to coffee you drink with butter for faster brain function!

Brain Enhancement Advisor dedicated its 2015 Q2 review awards to the burgeoning tech sector and its leaders. “Catching a glimpse of what the top minds at Facebook, Apple, Google, and Oracle are taking in 2015 is extremely insightful for anyone serious about choosing the right nootropic,” says Editor Susan Clarke. “2015 has been a great year for cognitive enhancement supplements, and the trends we’ve see from Silicon Valley often guide the rest of the US market.”

Besides sneaking into Mark Zuckerberg’s bathroom to steal his pill bottles, the next best way to discover 2015’s top performing nootropics is to do your research, a lot of which Susan Clark and her team spend much of time helping shortcut with their helpful reviews and top level executive contacts.

Not coincidently, Brain Enhancement Advisor found much of its online traffic comes from the San Francisco Bay Area and the heart of Silicon Valley. Reviews posted by these people largely referenced how certain nootropics supplements helped their focus and enabled them to work on mentally taxing projects for hours on end. Based on such findings, as well as reviews from thousands of other nootropics consumers, Brain Enhancement Advisor has just released its latest “EDITORS’ CHOICE Award 2015.

After compiling the aggregate of its reviews, Brain Enhancement Advisor developed its top nootropics list and named Lumonol as the 2015 top nootropic supplement. Lumonol, a cognitive enhancer from Avanse Nutraceuticals, has had an incredible year that included double digit sales increases and a continuous stream of positive customer reviews.

Lumonol is a holdover from the previous year’s annual Editor’s Awards, but the Best Nootropic of 2015 Award for Q1 that Lumonol recently received was bolstered by the increase in tech world leaders taking nootropics supplements. Site editor Susan Clarke said, “Lumonol’s popularity really gained momentum with its de facto endorsement from the IT and tech community. After enjoying the positive reviews from early adopters in 2014 when it launched, Lumonol quickly gained a segment of the market that greatly benefits from increased focus, memory, and cognitive energy boosts that this supplement provides – Silicon Valley and Lumonol seem to be a perfect match.”

At the time of writing, Lumonol was the highest rated pre-made nootropic stack in the collection, which included some of the industry’s most popular supplements. People from other tech-centric centers like Seattle, Los Angeles, Ney York and London are also trying brain-boosting nootropics like Lumonol. Targeting “over achievers” is unique in the “brain pill” market, as previous marketing targeted those suffering from ADD/ADHD who wanted to avoid drugs like Adderall by finding natural nootropic supplement alternatives.

From Apple to Google and Facebook to Twitter, America’s top tech companies are being fueled by nootropics. If their engineers and executives are using it’s only a matter of time that many more of us will likely follow suite. As more and more, nootropic products enter the market and boost the fast growing natural supplement industry, where in the Limit? Perhaps the notion of “Limitless” is not that far off.