Technological advances have touched every area of modern life, including our own biology. The idea of “hacking” the human body is intended to manage and improve on natural human biology. Amazing advancements have been made in recent years, leading to a variety of devices, substances, and nootropics. You can learn more about nutritional supplements with nootropic ingredients at Brain Enhancement Advisor.

The New Hackers

The term biohacker comes from the idea of hacking human biology. Biohackers tend to believe that the human condition can, and should, be altered through the use of technology. Some have expressed concern about the lack of regulation in this emerging field and biosecurity issues. As technology continues to develop, ethical and regulatory issues are likely to be developed.

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a broad term that includes a wide array of practices to enhance the body. This includes the design and installation of body enhancements, cybernetic devices to gather biometric data, nootropics, implants for the body, and gene sequencing. This is a growing trend of science and technological development that may hold promise in the future.

Discoveries for Cognitive Enhancement

Biohacking feels like science fiction coming to life, including the advent of “smart pills” for memory. In fact, one of the most interesting and useful discoveries from biohackers is nootropic substances and their impact on memory, learning, cognitive enhancement, focus, concentration, and mood. Nootropics are natural substances that offer specific brain enhancement benefits.

Supplements for Improving Mental Function

Nootropics are now used in supplements that are formulated to improve memory, focus, mental and physical energy, and concentration. They work by activating specific areas of neurotransmission in the brain to provide cognitive enhancing benefits. The best supplements contain high quality nootropics, which have been discovered by biohackers and proven effective.

Read Product Reviews at Brain Enhancement Advisor

The challenge is separating quality memory enhancement supplements from products that produce no significant benefit. Our product reviews are intended to provide a source of information for people interested in products to enhance brain power, focus, and concentration. You can read through the reviews, compare reviews, and use our comparison chart to see how well the highest rated pills perform.