The Weirdest Productivity Hack You Will Have Ever Tried!

If we have ever learned anything about mankind, it is that it is the weirdest – but also the most amazing – of things come when people have a lot of free time. And that is exactly what we have done here. Through research, trial and failure, and some creative imagination, we believe we’ve come up with the weirdest productivity hack EVER.

Introducing… the treadmill desk.

That’s exactly right. You have a desk on top of a treadmill. This concept basically takes the concept of the standing desk one step further by not just allowing you to void yourself of the health risks associated with sitting in one place for long periods of time, but also allows you the brain enhancing benefits of exercise.

You aren’t going to be jogging or breaking a sweat of course! After all, this is still a productivity hack. However, you should be walking in a slow, but steady pace that allows you to keep working without being distracted by having to wipe the sweat off your forehead every 30 seconds. In fact, you should be going in a speed slow enough that you aren’t sweating at all.

It’s just finding the perfect balance where you aren’t distracted from the tasks at hand, but are however, still walking in a pace moderate enough to keep your blood pumping. If you’ve ever done any research on how exercise boosts your mental capabilities, it does so by increasing blood flow.

When more blood is flowing through your body, more blood is also delivered to your brain, allowing you to focus better, increasing your alertness, as well as your problem-solving skills. Let’s also not forget that you are put into a “get things done” mindset – which out of all the above, is probably the most important.