ADD Medications

ADD Medications

In the United States alone, millions of adults and children have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. While many kids and adults take ADD medications, not all people make that choice. Due to concern about overmedication, more people are making other decisions to treat the problem, including vitamins, elimination diets, and natural supplements for ADD. At Brain Enhancement Advisor, you can learn about natural treatment options.

ADD Medication for Children

Common medications prescribed for ADHD include Ritalin and Adderall. Even very young children are being prescribed prescription medications. Although some parents are very happy with the outcome of treatment, not all kids tolerate these medications well. Other parents have concerns about side effects or worry about overmedication and prefer to avoid pharmaceuticals.

ADD Medication for Adults

Children aren’t the only people taking medications for Attention Deficit Disorder. A growing number of adults are being diagnosed with adult ADD and doctors are prescribing medications. Others know they have problems with focus, concentration, and organization and suspect they have ADD, but don’t have a formal diagnosis or don’t want to take drugs. These people are using supplements to improve their mental clarity and focus.

Side Effects of Prescription Medications

Many people choose natural treatments because they want to avoid side effects of prescription medicines. While some side effects are mild, others can interfere with the quality of your life. The symptoms of ADD meds can include nausea, dizziness, headaches, difficulty sleeping, mood changes, and the development of tics.

Determining the Best Treatment for You

The most appropriate treatment options are highly individualized. Some people respond well to drugs, while others do better on natural supplements. Researchers and parents have found that foods containing certain preservatives, artificial coloring, and chemicals cause an increase in hyperactivity and inattentiveness. Making the switch to a whole foods diet can help to improve attentiveness and calm behaviour for many children.

Identifying High Quality Supplements

If you have considered your options and made the decision to try a supplement to treat ADD, you will need to find a product that will work to improve symptoms. Selecting a good quality product out of the many on the market can be challenging, but we can help. Our comprehensive product reviews and comparison chart provide a reliable source of information to help you make this very important decision.