Nootropics in the Office Pantry You Probably Didn’t Know About

I am sure that the topic of nootropics can get a little overwhelming – especially if it is your first time checking them out. With all the possibly conflicting information available on the internet, I personally know a few people who are just left stumped, not entirely sure what to do, having first approached the very confusing subject. Perhaps it is the noot “experts” and nootropic forum moderators who seemingly confuse beginners even more when they reply with super long lists of nootropic stacks when simply asked “what’s the best nootropic for focus?”

Yeah, really though, nootropics don’t actually have to be that complicated – and as surprising as it seems, you have probably already taken a nootropic at one point of your life. You just didn’t know it was. Nootropics and brain enhancement is such a new topic that it can be very daunting, but really, it’s probably just the same as when multivitamins were first discovered. They’ve already existed and have already probably been taken by most people – they just didn’t know about it.

In fact, I’ll make you a wager (for a thousand theoretical dollars): You probably didn’t know about it, but there are nootropics in your office pantry.

Caffeine, as common as it is – after all, it’s everyone’s drug of choice today – is a nootropic. For short periods after you ingest caffeine, you probably already know that your focus increases, your alertness heightens, and you’re jolted with newfound energy! But aside from that, caffeine also for a short period of time, increases your working memory and information recall! And who doesn’t love the taste of coffee?

Another great nootropic that might be in your office pantry is L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an ingredient uniquely found in green tea that has soothing properties. It puts you in a really good mood, relaxes you, while also generally giving you a more positive mindset.

The two of these should give you a good start into the world of nootropics. Remember guys, it’s not about how complex sounding an ingredient is. It’s all about the effects and the benefits you actually get from taking it. Give these two a try at work (if you aren’t already). You’ll find yourself in some amazing situations!