Lazy People’s Guide to a Successful Life: Start Working Smart, Not Hard

120915Are you tired of working your hardest and not getting anywhere? Because I sure as hell am. I could even bet that you’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t work hard, work smart.” before. I don’t know how many times exactly, but enough to have you think to yourself, “How exactly do I do that?” Well you’re in luck because today is the day where you get find out how to work smarter and not harder in just five easy steps.

  1. Take More Kit Kats, Take More Breaks.
    Your body is not a machine. Give it time to rest and recharge all your energy so that you’re not too drained. Taking breaks in between helps balance your mental state as well as your physical, social/emotional, and spiritual parts too.
    A person’s brain can only remain focused for 90-120 minutes long based on the individual’s ultradian rhythm – which is our body’s natural energy cycle that lasts up to 24-hours. Therefore, taking 15-20 minute breaks in between hours to rejuvenate yourself can surely help in resetting your attention span and refreshing your mind.
  1. Napping Keeps the Best Secrets.
    Sleep is actually not for the weak, as many love to ignorantly claim. Research indicates that taking naps can improve our brain function, creative process and memory capacity. Naps benefit our learning capacity as it allows our brain to grasp and sort out the information received throughout the day. Napping has also been proven to solidify memories. When first receiving new memory, this file typically goes to the hippocampus, which is a part of the your brain that regulates emotions and stores long-term memory. But when you nap, memories head over to the neocortex, which can store memories more permanently and prevent them from being rendered anymore. Taking naps can also get rid of that 3PM ‘burnout’ feeling we all get.
  1. Give More Hugs to Trees.Go outside! Stop hiding in the your room, go out and spend some time with Mother Nature herself. It’ll assist in resetting your attention span by allowing your mind to relax, unwind and relieve some of the stress off your shoulder. Being outside will not only help you calm yourself but it can surely give you that oomph of energy you need to keep going. Slumping in a chair 24/7 won’t only make you lazy to work but it will also create a larger urge to distract yourself by going on social media. So get up and go get some fresh air!
  1. Popcorn to Different Places.Similarly to going outside and rebooting your motivation, changing up your workplace environment has been proven to greatly assist people in getting through their work. Going to multiple cafes or workspaces and setting a ‘to-do list’ will definitely help get your work done bit by bit. It’ll make you want to accomplish the assignment at hand so that you are able to move forward to your next location.
  2. Take Nootropics
    Nootropics are cognitive enhancing supplements that can benefit your brain in a number of different ways – they can increase memory capacity, boost focus abilities, help with learning, improve mood and more. For all you lazy folks out there, I don’t doubt that investing in a nootropic supplement will be a choice you’ll never regret. Particularly for those days when you can’t be bothered to set aside distractions and get to work, taking a nootropic supplement will help screw your mind straight and provide you with the motivation needed to get things done.

Our favorite choice is Lumonol by Avanse Nutraceuticals because its formula is potent, effective and does not come with heavy side effects. One of Lumonol’s ingredients is Noopept, which is by far the most powerful nootropic available. It works by increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain, which help with learning. It also has been shown to improve mood, leading to higher levels of drive and motivation. What are you waiting for? Don’t be lazy and get yourself a bottle today!