An Intro to Sun Gazing


Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about an article discussing an Indian man’s interesting lifestyle choice – he claims to have never eaten for the past 70 years. His trick? Sun gazing. This concept is not new to our race whatsoever – it has in fact been used to provide both physical and emotional benefits for centuries – dating back to the Aztec civilizations.

The Indian Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS) has taken interest in Prahlad Jani’s declarations and decided to put his “survival” skills to the test. Jani volunteered himself to be placed under surveillance and to undergo testing at Sterling University for 15 days. After the observation, the researchers confirmed that Jani did not consume any food or liquids, nor did he need the toilet for urination or void excrement. Despite this, Jani was able to maintain nearly perfect health (even at 78 years of age) and high energy levels throughout his days. His source? The sun.

The act of sun gazing is done by standing on the ground with bare feet while staring at the rising or setting sun for a few minutes. The light from the sun not only fuels our body with energy, but can also clear out any toxins, improve thinking abilities, reduce the likelihood of illnesses and provide a euphoric feeling. It is important to keep in mind that sun gazing should only be done one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset – this way, the ultraviolet rays from the sun is low enough that they will not cause harm to our eyes. The safest approach to start off would be to stare at the sun for 10 seconds, after which you may increase at increments of 10 seconds daily.

But Prahlad Jani is not the only man to have gained superhuman abilities from sun gazing. A Ukrainian man named Nikolai Dolgoruky has been practicing sun gazing for 12 years, capturing the attention of NASA themselves to test him for 100 days.

It has been confirmed that sun gazing works in steps – after only the first few trials, benefits include stress and anxiety relief. However, after 3-6 months, sun gazing will eliminate any physical diseases in the body. After 7 months, hunger begins to diminish along with your craving to consume foods.

Now for the million-dollar question – is sun gazing really necessary? The answer is an obvious no. We have all survived life so far without the practice of sun gazing, but the concept is interesting to learn, particularly for those interested in bio hacking and learning challenging forms of self-development.

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