3 Mind-Blowing Ways Our Subconscious Controls Our Actions

We’ve been led to believe that our actions are always a result of our decisions. If something happens of our doing, it’s because we decided to do it, and then actioned it. This is not true. While there are things that we can consciously control, 90% of our bodily functions are actually controlled subconsciously. Think […]

Alcohol’s Damaging Effects to Your Productivity

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: alcohol does improve your ability to think creatively and ‘outside the box’. Many musicians, artists, and generally professionals who need to think creatively often use alcohol to allow them to free their mind and experiment with things they have not done so before. However, what alcohol does affect is […]

The Weirdest Productivity Hack You Will Have Ever Tried!

If we have ever learned anything about mankind, it is that it is the weirdest – but also the most amazing – of things come when people have a lot of free time. And that is exactly what we have done here. Through research, trial and failure, and some creative imagination, we believe we’ve come […]

How Multitasking is Actually a Flawed Concept

In today’s world, where everyone is seemingly out with a “can-do” mindset, it becomes extremely easy to try to take on many different projects at once – often, not even knowing how to handle the increased load. I’m sure you can attest to at one time simply being too overloaded by the many things that […]

The Power of Two: Caffeine + L-Theanine

Whenever there is a discussion on the best nootropic stacks on dedicated forums on the internet, one of the recurring trends that we’ve been seeing is the increasingly complex and complicated stacks that everyone seems to come up with. No wonder we don’t have a lot of new people joining the community – whenever someone […]

Get Smarter with 6 Weird Tricks!

Every now and then we all get that brain fog where you aren’t able to do anything, really. The slow afternoon after lunch at work, maybe at night before you have to write that paper, or maybe you aren’t able to resist going on to your phone and playing Flappy Bird for a little bit. […]

Achieving a Balance between Productivity and Overworking

You’re one of those do-it-all guys. You have no problems at all about getting down to work and you get many things done simultaneously in the best of ease. You are severely underpaid, but you don’t even care about any of it because it’s not the money for you. It’s the constant pressure and the […]

4 Tips for the Student with ADHD to Make College Life Easier

Because of the very nature of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, students with ADHD might face serious problems. Around 4% of all students are affected with ADHD, which is a really alarming number. Being able to socialize might be a problem. Focus is not easily maintained, especially when the skills to maintain focus have not been […]

4 Ways to Use Exercise to Improve Cognitive Abilities

There are obviously quite a lot of reasons why people decide to go to gym – no doubt the biggest reasons would be to lose some weight, improve cardiovascular health, and maybe even look more aesthetically pleasing to the opposite sex. However, there have been so many advances in neuroscience lately that we’re only beginning […]

5 Jobs Suited for the Modern ADHD Sufferer

There will always be certain challenges to a person with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). If you had difficulty in the classroom paying attention to your teacher and passing tests, you might have a difficult time in the workplace as well. A person characterized with ADHD often demonstrates symptoms of restlessness, being disorganized, and not […]